Photoshop Formula {Totally Rad Actions}

Today I have 2 Photoshop Action formulas to share. These are the photos I featured in yesterday’s blog post showing how the Classic Charm can be used for feminine or masculine cards.

Formula: Totally Rad Actions

  1. Bitchin B&W 100% {from TRA1 – Color Blind v1.2a}
  2. Rusty Cage 100% {from TRA1 – Caffeine Jolt V1.2}
  3. Move Rusty Cage Layer above Bitchin B&W Layer
  4. Add a Hue/Saturation Layer above all layers at Saturation +50


For the photo below I used a formula that I used with the wedding couple last week. Here is that formula again.

  1. TRA SX-70 {from the TRA1 – Caffeine Jolt v1.2}
  2. Turned off the layer called “SX-70 Softness”


Want really awesome actions for your photos? Be careful, it’s addictive!
Check out the link below. Have fun!

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