Your site is a wonderful resource and I'm grateful that you have created it.

Robin Flint

Thank you for the templates and the inspiration.  You have an awesome talent.  My friend and I always look forward to seeing what new things you come up with.  Keep up the outstanding work inspiring us.


Many thanks to EasyDigitals. I have really gotten some complements from my customers. I thought I had a problem with one of my templates but with quick and professional response from Kim my problem was solved. As expected, the problem was not the template. I highly recommend Easy Digitals.

Grant Hanson

The Valentine's Day template could be summarized in one word! “Universal”. This extraordinary universal template has plenty of opportunities to be used over and over again! It's not only for Valentine's Day. This template can also be used for numerous events, such as birthday invitation, Mother’s day, young couples, engagements or just because... the list could go on and on. With editable fonts, I can do so many things. I do like the easy tutorials that has on their site. My creativeness has began to roll. All I did was buy a template that gave me so many visions and opportunities to use it often. I enjoy having templates that are in separate layers, and also I appreciate the sizes as well, this is by far a great idea and way to keep me coming back. I would like to thank easy digital for a dazzling product! I foresee selling this to many happy customers. Thank you!

Donna Mae

I recently purchased the Princess Magazine Cover template. I have already used it and they are selling like crazy. We have a kids spa and have little girl birthday parties every weekend. This is certainly going to be very popular with them.

Tina Beres

As a digital scrapbook teacher and author, I can’t say enough about I purchased a huge set of the magazine covers. First, I did them for my son’s entire baseball team. The kids and the parents were so excited and couldn’t believe that I had done them. The covers come out so realistic looking. Many of the players framed them and hung them in their rooms. I have been asked to do a hockey team and several other baseball teams. For the mother’s day gift at my daughter’s preschool we are using the princess cover for the girls and the sports cover for the boys. I get so many compliments and requests for these covers. People offer to pay to have them done. Once I ordered the set from, the download came instantly. Other sites may have a few magazine covers, but the quality of the covers can’t come close to those at I have just about finished my book about digital scrapbooking and I definitely be using an example of the magazine covers.

Stacy Pamperin

Awesome tutorials. I’ve got three books and haven’t been able to figure out the layering techniques. One of your tutorials and I was off and creating. Thanks

Lee Rogers

Wow! I just picked up my prints from the photo lab. Your template with my photos turned out awesome! You make me look so cool. Thanks a bunch.


We cannot say enough about the  products.  We absolutely LOVE them.  They have given our sports shots the pizzazz  we were looking for: no matter how great the shot is, it always looks better in  one of their templates.  And the template  somehow turns an average shot into "an amazing photo moment caught in  time."  Being fairly new in the  business, we are certainly not Photoshop masters; and being able to purchase  the templates saves us so much time.  The  fact that they are customizable, and we can individualize them just enough to  make everyone's photo more personal, is incredible.  They really give us the professional look  that we want to present to our clients without having to do it ourselves.

Tracy & Kim, Impressive Pix

It seems the ProLines Vol 2 traders I did were a tremendous hit.I did them as a birthday present and this happened... Quote from the family:"You have created a monster!We need 100 of those cards.Demand at school is very great and we haven't even been to the track yet."I will deliver the new batch to him at the track this weekend and I'm sure I will have more orders for these after they get passed out to friends there.


I can't remember how I stumbled upon your site, but I'm loving it.Finally templates that can be used for nontraditional sports! Easy to use and they look great.

Your  templates are a big hit for me at the cheer competitions. I have purchased other templates from other sources, but  yours are by far the easiest to work with. Keep creating, and I'll keep buying!!

Darnell Isaacs, Darn Photos

Up until this year I have designed all of my own products but we are just getting way too busy to do that much anymore and another photographer recommended that I purchase some premade templates. He gave me the name of the site he uses and I purchased a few templates from them but didn’t love those templates so I searched for more and found your site. I purchased some templates from your site and a couple of other sites and made samples to get ready for the upcoming tournaments. The templates of yours I used were the Poster Pro Quick Kit Vol 5 and the Poster Pro Quick Kit Vol 1 (now lovingly referred to by our customers as “the dirt frame”). These designs drew the interest of customers right away. They were a great pull to get customers into our booth.  These designs out sold every other design about 20 to 1. People loved them.  We offered them in 8x10 and 16x20.


Your products are a step above the competition and so is your customer service.  These templates will be huge for me.  I am working a full time job while trying to build my photography business.  These templates will help me separate myself from the others while saving me huge amounts of time.  I will be purchasing more in the future.

David Bradley

I just wanted to say how much I love working with your graphics. I have spent many hours designing new graphic sets for my T&I and action prints, and finding you has sure given me more time back in front of the camera and less time designing in Photoshop. Not that I dislike designing graphic layouts, but I make my money shooting pictures!

Wayne Smith, Team Sports Photography

Your stuff is great. Your blog is great. With your tutorials, you encourage the photographer to go beyond the template. I appreciate you and your product. I did not flourish with my layers knowledge and confidence with them until I began using your templates. You offer your product at what I consider a fair price.

Dianna, Dill Photography

I am in love with your products, they have increased my sales and have given me an opportunity to sell and offer one of a kind products to my customers.

Shelly, Georgia FX Photos

Thanks to your products, my customers think I'm a genius - I usually print on site and have them involved in the fine tuning of the photos. When they see me change colors, etc so easily, they think I'm the brain behind the templates. Of course, I let them keep on believing that - lol! Thanks again, Kim! I really appreciate the service!


Just a quick line to thank you for your great designs, I’m a busy professional photographer based in SW Florida, shooting mainly HS seniors, so it suits me fine just to drop my images onto the templates and POW! Anyway, let me know if you need any model released images drop me an email. Thanks again!


I used the Champion Lights for Cheerleaders and Everyone loved them. I really think that why I was chosen to do the Jr High Girls and Boys sports photos. Thank you I love your work!!


So glad I came across The memories that I have been able to create would not be as spectacular without your videos and programs. Thank you.


I just wanted to send you some feedback! I have spent the last three days looking for sports templates, backdrops, etc. I have spent tons of time looking at various companies to do business with. You are, by far, the best I have seen. What makes you stand out is the training you provide on how to use your templates. You have created one heck of a business! Kudos to you! I am sure I will be back again and again.