New Photoshop Tutorial: Motion Blur

Want to add an illusion of motion to your sports photos? Check out the short tutorial below now to see how it’s done! By the way, I created this quick tutorial because of an email I received from someone like you. I love taking your suggestions and creating custom tutorials just for you that can…

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The Ultimate Tutorial on Creating Realistic Long Shadows Photoshop CS5 or Higher

how to cast a long shadow in photoshop

One of the biggest questions I’ve received from customers is, “How do I made a realistic shadow under my subject?” I hear you, this baffled me too but I finally figured out some easy techniques thanks to cool Photoshop tools like the Puppet Tool that made it a easy peasy! I’ve created the ultimate foot shadow video tutorial with…

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Free Background: Abandoned City Night Scene

I hope you are having a fantastic December! Today I’m sharing with you a FREE layered background that I created. I want you to stretch your creativity with this one. Sometimes when I’m doing personal projects I like to ask myself. “Who or what wants to be in this background, what are the doing, what…

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Photoshop Quick Tip: Converting a Layer to a Transparent PNG File

I have another quick workflow Photoshop tutorial for you. Ever need that special something to add to your composite. Maybe you just know you saw it somewhere but not sure which background had that smoke, fire, sparks or sun flare. I have a tip that can save you tons of time in searching for these…

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New Sports Mania Icons & Crest Set Photoshop & Elements

Sports Mania Icons & Crest

I’ve had a lot of serious and exciting creations going on over here (will be sharing more of that with you soon!), but there’s also a lot of goodness happening with the club, liiiike: SPORTS MANIA ICONS & CREST is ready for you! Click here to see it instantly. This set will make your…

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Photoshop Quick Tip: Time saving Font Secrets

Photoshop Quick Tip Font Secrets

Hey I have a quick time saving Photoshop tutorial for you. Searching for fonts in Photoshop can be a nightmare if you have a ton of fonts like me. So check out this quick tip and let me know what you think by posting below. Also, if you have a question, it might make a…

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Photoshop Quick Tip: Time saving Work Space Secrets

You’ve got to try this time saving tip that I learned at Photoshop World from Julieanne Kost, Adobe Evangelist! Let me know what you think after you’ve tried it for a week? Keep or toss? 😀

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New Layered Background Stadium Mirage Photoshop & Elements


I’m thrilled to share with you this new one of a kind background set, STADIUM MIRAGE! Click here to see it instantly. I created this multi layered background based on your requests as a sports photographer. You can use this cutting edge Memory Mate design to wow your customers! It’s easy to customize for single…

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Make Outstanding Word Graphics in Seconds…

apps I love

Hey there… this is just one of those “SUPER-valuable-I-hope-this-helps-you” type video posts! So feel free to share it. 🙂 I’ve been having some fun with the combination of Canva, Photoshop and that can save you time and blast your word creativity and professionalism into the stratosphere! After watching this quick video, I highly recommend…

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Video Tutorial: Adding a Pinstripe Frame to a Poster

Hey there! I was recently asked the following question from Pam: “How do you add a frame, like a one-pixel or two-pixel frame, around a poster?” It’s actually pretty simple, so I’m going to show you in this quick video. I am using one of my most popular freebies and video series, and that is…

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