Free Background: Abandoned City Night Scene

I hope you are having a fantastic December! Today I’m sharing with you a FREE layered background that I created. I want you to stretch your creativity with this one. Sometimes when I’m doing personal projects I like to ask myself. “Who or what wants to be in this background, what are the doing, what are the feeling?” It’s a way to get my creativity juices going and let my imagination run wild. I also keep a “Juice” folder with all my various photos and images that I might want to use in a composite.

In the composite shown below I also borrowed the rain and smoke from Layered Backdrops Vol 4. One of the best things about backgrounds is how easily you can mix and match layers from the different psd files to create your own one of a kind pieces of art.

  • Approx 18×12 Inches
  • 300 DPI
  • Layered

Composite Resource Files


Composite Sample



Free Background


Download PSD Layered File Now!

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