New Layered Background Stadium Mirage Photoshop & Elements


I’m thrilled to share with you this new one of a kind background set, STADIUM MIRAGE!

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I created this multi layered background based on your requests as a sports photographer. You can use this cutting edge Memory Mate design to wow your customers! It’s easy to customize for single or team photos in a snap, make more money and impress your customers with the latest trends!

Stadium Mirage Layered Photoshop Sports Background

This set comes with 3 layouts and 2 backgrounds that will accommodate many needs from action photos to business promo photos and individual and team posed shots.

Plus, each layout comes with 2 stylized banner titles that you can change to any color to fit your design!

I’m offering the 2 most popular sizes AND smaller collections so you can buy just what you need or buy them all for a discount. 🙂

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