Photoshop Formula with Totally Rad Actions

Photoshop Formula using Totally Rad Actions for bringing life to hair.

I was working on some photos I did for a shelter fund raiser and I stumbled upon this fun formula that I wanted to share with you.

For this formula you need the following ingredients: Totally Rad Actions 2 – The Revenge.

  • Open the photo you want to work on in photoshop. Do all your normal corrections and adjustments to the photo.
  • Run “Highlight Separator” from TRA 2
  • Run “Shadow Separator” from TRA 2
  • Run “Claire-ify” from TRA 2
  • Move Claire-ify layer to top of layers panel
  • Run “Burn-out” TRA 2 – turn off all layers in Burn-out except Extreme Burnt Edges.
  • Raise the opacity of Extreme Burnt Edges layer to 100%
  • Optional: add a mask the the Highlight Separator layer and mask Santa’s face so that all of the flaws do not show.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy this Photoshop Formula. Please comment below.

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