Photoshop Formula: White Glow Around Sports Player

I recently received the following question from Ric:

I was looking at the templates in Poster Pro Quick Kit Vol5 and in the Idea Zone template 6 of 9 it was the swimming one how did you do that one? Was the one picture in the lower right corner a cut out? It looks like she had a white glow around her. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

Photoshop Formula:

  • This photo was extracted from the background using the extraction tool tutorial here
  • Then an outer glow 38px and a drop shadow at 38 px was added
  • On the top menu click Layer>Layer Style>Outer Glow…
  • Change the size to 38 px or whatever you feel looks best.
  • Click on the little yellow box and change the color to #ffffff (white)
  • Next click Layer>Layer Style>Drop Shadow… change the Size to 38px
  • Change Distance to 0px
  • Change Opacity to 100% and leave everything else as it is. See settings below

You can create a similar glow with Elements using the following settings:

  • Select the layer with the extracted person
  • Then click on the top menu Layer>Layer Style>Style Settings…
  • Click the triangle next to glow then put a check mark in the box that says Glow
  • Put a check mark in the box that says “Outer”
  • Change the size to about 38 px or whatever looks good
  • Then click the yellow box and change it to white #ffffff you can also change the opacity to 100% if you want

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