Take your Posters To The Next Level With Extractions

In my newest tutorial I’m going to show you how to remove a sports player from the background using Photoshop’s power tool called the “Quick Selection Tool”.

Take a look around this site at the “Examples” for great ideas on what to do with your extracted players to add a more action and polish to your posters.

I welcome your feedback in the comments area below. Enjoy!

  • Michael Albertson

    I just watched your Take your posters to the next level with extractions tutorial. I noticed that you are using cs3 and the quick selection tool. I am working with cs2. Does it have a quick selection tool?
    I love your site and thanks for all the tutorals, posters and info.

  • In your tutoral about extraction, I noticed you are using CS3. I have CS2 and am having a little difficulty extracting images cleanly.

    Should I upgrade to CS3 or what is the best way in CS2?


  • Kim

    Hi Wayne,
    You do need CS3 or higher to use the quick selection tool. As you can see it’s a fairly simple and speedy procedure. However, there are other ways to extract people from the backgrounds and I list several on this blog post. http://easydigitals.com/need-to-remove-a-background-from-your-photo/

    Here is a procedure you can use for complex selections that should work with your version of Photoshop: