Tutorials for Quick Poster Vol 4

I’ve created 3 short video tutorials to help you learn more about and customize the poster.

Part 1 – Brief overview of the layers and how to add 1 photo to the poster

Part 2 – Adding 3 soft edged photos using a clipping mask (or group)

Part 3 – Quickly adding an extracted player to the poster and moving the Text behind his head.

Other helpful videos: Remove the background from a photo

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I welcome your comments about the video and product, just fill out the form below. 🙂

  • lloyd grandmont

    i, i just want to know , i want to by your quik poster kit vol 4 , but i need the tutorial video on youtube because i download it from youtube for a personnel use , when its will be on you tube , and i have another question for you , if never i want to use your template later for a commercial use most than 25 copies , you charge for it, or i just need your permission , excuse me for my english , i’m french ……..theanks for your respond ……

  • brenda

    I have cs3 will these templates for this also.

    Do you plan on doing any packages that are all sports posters.