Tutorial: Resize photos in Cutout Memory Mate

One of my customers sent me a challenge: “How do I get a more square team photo to work in the Cutouts?” After some thought I did come up with a solution and I decided to make a tutorial on it to help all of you Cutout owners!

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  • is this template ..can be ordered??..if so how??..thank you!!

  • Kim

    Hi Russell,
    All the Cutouts are here: http://easydigitals.com/sports-templates/#cutouts

  • I tried to use remark so many times and it just doesn’t work. I don’t get the results I need.

    I had an image with a young girl with a lot of flyaway hair. I tried to get her hair separated from th background.

    I used the remask and it did a very bad job. I will stick with Photoship. Sorry!

    Second, to do all of that adjustment in Topaz Remask, takes away time from spending time with my family or taking pictures.