Topaz Adjust 4 {Product Review & Photoshop Formula}

I took a little time to play with the new upgrade to Topaz Adjust 4 from my buddies over at Topaz Labs. I have to say that I was not disappointed. I got a little carried away with the new preset’s layout and more specifically the HDR – Sketch preset. I also love the ability to suppress the noise with the sliders provided. I hope I have time to show you some more samples later this week with some other presets.

This new release is a free upgrade so if you already have Topaz Adjust be sure to download it and start using it.

If you don’t have Topaz Adjust, the coupon code NEWADJUST will not only save $10 off a new purchase of Topaz Adjust, but will also save 20% off of any bundle purchase or Adjust->Bundle upgrade.

This coupon code will expire on March 15, 2010.

I hope you enjoy this upgrade as much as I have!

Photoshop Formula 1:

  1. Run Noiseware (This step will depend on how much noise your original photo has}
  2. Run Topaz Adjust “HDR – Sketch”
  3. That’s it!


Photoshop Formula 2:

  1. Run Topaz Adjust “HDR – Sketch”
  2. That’s it!


  • Are these compatibable with Elements?

  • David

    Which one of their packages will work best for sharpening up images, especially the indoor images, without adding too much additional noise. Or would I need to sharpen and get their noise remover?

  • Whoa, that is way to easy, I have to get that and try it. Kim Thanks for the comparison and examples.

  • Kim Snawder

    Too weird that you posted this at this time. I have been on the Topaz website this week checking out all the software. It all looks very cool. I am in the process of a computer upgrade and plan on purchasing a bundle when I get it all set up and then start having some fun. Thanks for your post, I am looking forward to seeing what you are doing with the software.

  • Sam

    I purchased the Topaz Bundle plugins this past December and have been very pleased with it. Then of-course came the free upgrades to both Adjust and Detail. Let me tell you it is money well spent, and I have no regrets what so ever. My images have gone from nice image to a Wow factor, what an incredible looking image. I use the bundle with Photoshop CS4.
    A word of caution though, it is very addicting! I have been getting great use out of the software, and it is very user friendly.

  • Lisa

    Hi Kim. I also use photoshop elements and would like to know if this is compatible with that. This looks really great and I am eager to give it a try!