Photoshop Formula {Magazine Cover with Iron Grunge}

Today’s Photoshop formula includes 2 new partner products and a discount code for customers (see below). Photoshop Island’s new fantastic products are Iron Grunge Font Family & Brushes . Also, look for tutorials from Photoshop Island for each product in the above links. These products are very high quality and skillfully and thoughtfully created.  I also found them very easy to play with as you can see below.

I started with the Racer’s Magazine and then I couldn’t resist switching out the photo with a Sports Magazine. Once again I got carried away playing in Photoshop. Does that ever happen to you? 😉

  1. Open your image in Photoshop or create a blank document the size you want your magazine, for example 8×10 inches, then drag your photo into the document and align and size as needed.
  2. (Optional) Use Topaz Adjust’s Dramatic filter to make your image look dirty & gritty. Here is a tutorial that goes over Topaz Adjust.
  3. Use the Grunge Font to create your magazine title. Use this tutorial if you need help with that.
  4. Watch this tutorial if you want the person’s head on top of the magazine title.
  5. Use common fonts for the rest of the magazine cover.
    • “MAGAZINE” – Futura font
    • “2010” – Impact font
    • “get dirty with” – Myriad Pro font
    • “JAKE PERSON”  – Impact font
  6. Add a new layer between the text and the main photo. On the new layer, use one of the Grunge Brushes to create some dirt in a brown color.

That’s it! All done. Have fun and leave comments.

Here is your 10% discount code for these products:

Iron Grunge Font: edgrungetype
Iron Grunge Brushes: edgrungebrushes




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