New Product: ProLines Vol 2 Ticket Photoshop & Elements


ProLines Vol 2 Tickets are now available!  Several customers have asked for sports tickets and it’s here AND this one coordinates with our popular ProLines Vol 2 set.

You can change it to any color and any sport to match your team and add your logo. Additionally, all the text is changeable, so if you want to make it into a birthday invitation or an announcement or anything else you have complete freedom.

Plus I show you how to customize it and how to have it printed at with Part 2 of the tutorials.

ProLines Vol 2 is available in 2 Versions:
Photoshop and Elements


  • how can I order the Prolines Vol.2 tickets? I am going to order the package and want these as well.
    Thank you

  • James

    need info on vol 2 ticket templates

  • James

    need info on vol 2 ticket photoshop templates