I love you guys!

This month, to thank you for hanging out here with me, I made you a super cool 8×10 inch magazine cover. It’s great for sports and hey…. I didn’t forget that father’s day is coming up. I added a sample for dear ol’ dad. It’s completely customizable, including colors and Title and Inside Story text.

Check back for future Photoshop formulas on how I achieved the look of the players with post processing tricks.

I hope you enjoy it and get a lot of use out of it. Please comment below and share your thoughts. I have older tutorials on magazine covers including the following:

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8 Responses to Free MVP Magazine Cover Template

  1. Terry Kilpatrick says:

    This template looks great!

  2. Chris woodward says:

    great template. Thank you!!

  3. Chris woodward says:

    love the new template

  4. Scott says:

    I have a question. On the example with the child on his fathers shoulders, how do you get the child’s head in front of the MVD??


  5. Kim says:

    Hi Scott, Watch this tutorial and let me know if that helps: http://easydigitals.com/train/quicksel/quicksel.htm

  6. Mark Limin says:

    Hi Kim I have signed up for your web site but I never get emails about your products how do I fix this

  7. Jeff says:

    How do you download the free templates. Can not find a link for them.

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