Enhance a Portrait with Topaz Labs {Photoshop Formula}

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This is an old Formula that used to be on the Topaz Labs site that I love. I especially like what it does to eyes and hair (the dog hair looks amazing). I’m lucky I found an old link to the formula that still works so I’m sharing it with you:

We first apply Topaz Denoise/EQ to remove grains on the skin to give it a perfect skin look. Here are the parameters changed from default value:

  • Noise Suppression = 1.0: maximum removal of grain
  • Noise threshold = 3.05: it is a balance between removing noise and preserving details
  • (Advanced)Sharpness adjustment at Radius=0.8: sharpen details a little bit

Then we use Topaz Sharpen to accentuate line features. Here is the setting:

  • Sharpness = 1.1: Sharpen a little bit
  • Edge Crispness = 2.0: enhance edge a little bit
  • Radius = 0.87: we want to only enhance thin lines
  • Noise threshold = 4.02: do not enhance noise
  • (Advanced) Line Accent = 1: accentuate line features
  • (Advanced) Iteration = 6: many iterations for best results




  • Orlando Sanchez

    First of all, thank you for all of your wonderful products!! They are a blast and easy to use. They have really added impact to my work and saved me so very much time!! I look forward to checking the website for new products! My question is, is that I have Topaz Adjust 4 and am not able to duplicate your examples in your tutorial “Enhance a Portrait with Topaz Labs {Photoshop Formula}” using the settings you have provided. Is this because TA4 is unable to duplicate what the previous versions of TA were able to do, or am I overlooking something? All your help is appreciated and thanks again!

  • Kim

    Hi Orlando, Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you are enjoying the products. Are you using Topaz Denoise and Topaz Sharpen? Or just Topaz Adjust?

  • Orlando

    I am only using Topaz Adjust 4 at the moment.

  • Kim

    Hi Orlando, This formula requires a couple of additional products from Topaz. The products needed are Topaz Denoise and Topaz Sharpen.

  • Orlando

    Ok, thanks for your assistance!

  • Greg Waskovich


    The samples are super.
    Is the Topaz Sharpen a stand alone product from Topaz or individual is it a part of one of the products. I dont see the sharpen on the website

  • Kim

    Hi Greg,
    Topaz Sharpen is part of Topaz Vivacity.

  • Jim

    Topaz Vivacity has been discontinued…so now what?
    Ho does one recreate the ‘Enhance a Portrait’ technique?

  • I love this effect, but can’t seem to apply it with the new bundle of Topaz products. Any ideas?

  • Kim

    Hi Jim and Josh,
    Unfortunately, this effect cannot be done anymore because Topaz Vivacity has been discontinued.