5 Inspiring Web Sites for Sports Photographers

sportsInspiration comes from everywhere, TV, web sites, magazines, bill boards and even product boxes.

Here are a few web sites I love. I hope they boost your sports photography excitement and inspiration.

  • Angelika Rinnhofer – Angelika was recently featured in the January 2010 Issue of Professional Photographer Magazine. She came to their attention for her moody portraits of young female athletes stylized in Rembrandt poses and lighting, yet they are dressed to reflect who they are. (the link is a scroll horizontal so it’s a little confusing but scroll right for more images)
  • Dave Hill – I’ve been a long time fan of Dave Hill’s creative works of art. Dave’s site is a great source for inspiration. I’m not really sure how he creates his masterpieces and I’ve heard his secrets are heavily guarded. My best try with the techniques is Topaz Adjust’s HDR – Sketch.
  • ProPoint Media – A very talented photographer who offers fantastic composite posters to his customers.
  • Baseline Sports Media – These guys design sports posters and memorabilia for the pros. Great ideas and inspiration.
  • ESPN – I do get great inspiration for browsing around at the photos of the professionals. I like to see the graphics on their TV program. I also watch Sports Center for great video graphics and even their stage sets are cool and inspiring.
  • Scott

    Thanks for all the great websites!!!

  • David

    Dave Hill has some awesome stuff.