Topaz Announces {Star Effects}

Topaz has a new product called Star Effects. It’s on sale until 2/15/12 for $19.95. That’s a huge savings and great price.

Well of course I had to play with this new program!

I have this picture I took a few days ago at Red Rock Canyon in Nevada. The sun was behind the mountain and as you can see by the SOOC (straight out of the camera) shot, the picture was not very impressive but I did have a little flare going on. Luckily I took it in RAW so I immediately was able to add some highlights and increase the exposure to show some detail. Then I took the photo into Photoshop and did the following tweaks with Topaz.

  1. Topaz adjust 5>HDR> Dynamic Brightness
  2. Topaz adjust 5>Vignette (to taste)
  3. Topaz Star Effects>Sun Flare. In this step I also played around with the sliders until I though it looked interesting.

I hope you like my result. Please feel free to comment below.

Buy or try Topaz Star Effects here.

Click to see larger:


  • Looks very cool. It looks like a different picture.

  • jayleigh

    so, what program uses this? Is this a stand-alone, or does it install to Adobe PS? You don’t give much detail about it, except to show a photo of it’s capabilities. i need to know more about this product.