Sports Poster Template Overlay for Backdrops or Photos

jul08-free-blog.jpgFREE July “Backdrops Rock” Template of the Month– This template works perfect with a large photo or with backdrops and products.

  • 8×10″, 300 dpi
  • 2 heading choices
  • 1 free backdrop
  • Dark edges layer
  • Use with extracted, full sized, or cropped image
  • Watch the Tutorial for ideas on how to used this Backdrop Overlay template.

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  • Rosie Thomas

    Love all your templates, thanks for giving some of them for free. Just wondering if you might have any on Tennis backfgrounds or courts. I have three children that play tennis and would love some ideas on tennis templates or if you have any tutitorials on blending with photshop. I am new with photoshop any still trying to learn. Thanks!!

  • Kim

    The only one that has tennis is the memory mate vol 1. Most of the other templates can be used for any sport. I have customers that ask for so many different sports so I try to make them work for all sports to make everyone happy. I hope this helps answer your questions.