Shopping cart was down for a short time today but its ok now…

Our shopping cart services were down for a bit today but I’m happy to say that it’s back in business now!

According to our shopping cart gurus over at E-Junkie here is what happened:

Due to an unexpected upstream disruption of service initiated by our DNS provider (i.e., the folks who tell the entire Internet where “” is — or who used to, until about an hour or two ago), our system became unavailable to the Internet at large starting sometime early this afternoon (Arizona time, i.e., late afternoon EDT).

We have taken every step within our grasp to correct the situation, but the best options available to us still mean that there may be some continued lapse in service for some users until the rest of the Internet (i.e., your ISP and the ISPs for each of your buyers) “catches on” to the fact that another provider is now “directing traffic” for

I wish I could explain more, but our counsel would advise against that at least until we explore our legal options.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and I hope too help you with any of your template needs anytime!

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