September Free Template 2011 Calendar

Are you already thinking about 2011? I know I am. 2011 is going to be a great year for customers. Just to prove it, I’ve created a ridiculously flexible calendar for you that can even be used at a poster!

  • 8 x 10 inches
  • 300 dpi
  • 3 images slots
  • clipping mask ready
  • Color fills added club members will be getting a link to this soon.

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Check out all the stuff you can do with this template and come up with your own ideas.

Click to see larger:

  • David

    Thank you Kim, as always, very much appreciated.

  • John Koscinski Newsletter – Sept 2010 email did not come in right can not down load the free template
    Please email the newsletter again so I can download the sept free template

    Thank you very much
    John Koscinski

  • Arthur

    I also had a similar problem with the newsletter. Can I get it resent?

  • Kim

    John and Arthur, I just resent it to you. Let me know if you get it. Kim

  • Kathy Easterday

    Okay, I never got my email either and I guess it won’t let me download it without it. Can you possibly send it again?


  • Kim

    I don’t know why some people don’t get it. It either goes into a spam filter or gets blocked before it gets there. If you add us to your safe list, that might help. I’ll send you the template Kathy. The email to add or your safe list is

  • Hi Kim,
    I did not receive the email with the link for the free tempalte. I have the first one this week that does not have a link. I have checked my spam filter but I usually receive your emails so I dont think that is the problem. Could you resend me the link?
    Thank-you so much!


  • Robin Harper

    I see the template for the trading cards. Do you know where they can be printed? Thanks

  • Gail Unze

    Hi Kim,

    I did not receive the free template for the calender. Is it still available and was wondering if you could send it.


  • Kim

    Hi Gail, are you sure you didn’t get it. The history of your email address shows that you downloaded it 2 times? Do you need it again? Did it not work?

  • JackDoff

    Thanx! Keep up the good werk. Your products are the best, you’ve helped my business plenty.Again Thanx.

  • Dale

    could you please send me the newsletter with the link for the free calander i came across your site and love your work want to see if i can do it

  • Leslee Leverett

    I signed up for the newsletter but didn’t receive it either? i will add you to my safe sender list. would you care to send out to me again? thanks so much!

  • Jeff

    Hi Kim, I didnt receive the news letter with a valid link also this month, could you please send it again?
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Suzanne D.

    I don’t remember getting this–had a busy month and maybe just missed it. Could you send it to me again? I understand if you can’t. Thanks!


  • Nimira

    Hi Kim,
    Would it be possible to get the newsletter with the link for the calendar? I don’t recall receiving it. Thanks in advance.

  • Kim

    Hi Nimira,
    I have added a new register feature to the site, you can register and get the free stuff here: