Sample Video: Industrial Grunge Vol 7

Check out all the cool uses for the Industrial Grunge Vol 7 design. Photoshop and Elements.


  • I love the new Industrial Grunge templates. I was looking for something new for this years football season and I have found it. Wonderful job, keep them coming!!

  • WOW! amazing colors and graphics, my customers will love the new looks that i will create for them.
    keep up the good work, you guys are the best..

  • Tim

    These are great templates, I particularly like this new one, many options! I’ll be using them for some hockey action shots!

  • Larry Chapman

    I believe these templates are going to be a hit. Not only are they something different but they are out of the ordinary. My customers will like these unique templates. Iam always looking for something new and not the same as everybody else.

  • Lisa L

    I like the layouts and the different look to the templates. I really like the footbll player with the “splash” affect around the picture on the template. I am loving my templates and excited to keep on doing them. They are so fun and easy to use. Thank you!

  • Christine Latour


    The video is great like the all temples.
    I tried to buy as most as possible , I really enjoy them.


  • Absolutely amazine to watch the transformation from hot to hardcore!! I love the steel design–it made even the simplest golfer photo look “bad to the bone”!!
    Awesome templates!

  • The video is great, it shows what all you can do with this set of templates. This set has everything you need for sports action.

  • ashley

    Love the grunge look! I think it would go great for urban style senior portraits in addition to roadsports… I could really see a skateboarder in those frames.

  • I was pretty sure I wanted this set before I saw the video… it’s really versatile, and will be a real time saver. Great job… and thanks!

  • I love your template! Video was nice…shows how you can make a great photo even better. my only criticism is of the portrait oriented examples. Would it be better to make the sample smaller so the top and bottom wouldn’t be cropped off. I noticed the player #’s were cut off, as well as some of the great detail of your template…top and bottom.


  • Michelle

    Love the new Industrial Grunge can’t wait to use it!

  • Great video!
    It shows many great ideas and ways to use these templates.
    I’m looking forward to getting them for myself!

    Keep up the good work!

  • The video was very well done. The templates look very creative and marketable and that is the bottom line. The grunge look is very sought after by seniors. I also think the sports will be a hit………it is with me! keep hit’em out of the park folks.


  • Love the video, gives me some great ideas how to use the new templates. Its going to be my next purchase.

    Looking forward to your next set. Keep em coming.


  • Video does a great job displaying the templates! The templates itself looks great too!

  • Grunge and sports…a perfect fit! These templates will get a lot of use during the fall/winter sports season ahead.

  • I really like the new set of templates. Your products are great, easy to use, and the end result get a great review from customers.

  • Swanyx

    Keep the great templates coming…makes a photog’s job so much easier to produce a final product so much quicker and at such a low cost.

  • Jeff140

    Kim! Another Winner of a template theme! Wow – I love the way you design and then give great examples on how to use them! Thanks for your hard work!

  • Mike

    This is very inspiring. If I can be able to do this, I can’t imagine how happy I’ll be.

  • Rafael

    Super!!!. Your templates are very different. That why I’m your #1 fan.

    Thanks Kim!

  • I recently got into sports photography and this template is one I hope to be able to use. Love it!

  • Julie

    The video was killer!!! Our soccer kids LOVED your templates and we loved how easy it was to use your templates, can’t wait to see what you upcoming! :O)

  • Mary

    Wow cool video…Really shows off the cool templates.