Photoshop Formula with: PS Style A Day

Today I have a Photshop Formula with tools from a cool site that I stumbled across. It’s called PS Style A Day.  They have some fantastic photoshop styles that you can add to your photos. Check out what I did with two of the styles below:

Photoshop Formula:

  • Very cool use of some of the styles.

    I also highly recommend Topaz Adjust as well.

    Keep it up! 🙂

    • Kim

      Thanks John, I think I have everything working now!

  • Louie Cafiero

    Super great job Kim, thanks for the great info.

  • Kim

    Thanks Louie!

  • Tim

    Did you use the free actions or the packaged ones for purchase??

  • Kim

    Hi Tim,
    It’s not an action, it’s a style. Do you know how to load styles? I did use the free one, as I got it a long time ago. Although, the prices for the single purchase and packages are very reasonable.