Photoshop Formula: Sports Poster With Searchlight and Clouds

Photoshop Formula Clouds

I hope you enjoy this quick overview of how I created this sports poster with search light and clouds. I’m giving you the link to 2 free brushes I used and the other sources for free tutorials!

  1. Extract the player from the background: See tutorials.
  2. Dodge and burn 50% gray layer of player to your satisfaction. See tutorial here. (I’m sharing this at the correct part of the video for dodge and burn.
  3. Add Clouds behind him from Perfect Clouds Vol 1.
  4. For the searchlight I used this tutorial. However instead of using the 3d tool for the light beams I used a Photoshop Brush.
  5. For the city silhouette I used a brush from here
  6. Then I ran Totally Rad’s, Rad Lab filter for extra color effects.

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