New template set. Trading cards Photoshop/Elements

sports-v2-tc-nl.jpgNEW TEMPLATE – Sports Trading Cards
You asked for it, you got it. Trading cards that complement Action Sports Vol 2!
  • 11 colors
  • 14 clipart options for the players number
  • 300 dpi, 2.5×3.5″
  • Front and back
  • Photoshop or Photoshop elements
  • Awesome for baseball, football, softball, soccer, hockey and much more!
  • Angel

    Was wondering how you would print these since they are not a standard size (4×6, 5×7, etc). thanks

  • Kim-EasyDigitals

    The only one I’ve seen where you can print it yourself is this one:

    I’ve heard of another place that will print them for you with your custom design and they are here:

    If anyone knows of any other printing places I hope they will post here! Thanks!

  • Phyllis

    All Star Digital is good.

  • I get all of my trader cards and magnets printed at The pricing is awesome, they have great upload software and 24 hour turnaround.

  • houston

    it is simple but yet complicated, I use these and they are great so speaking from experience on how to DIY collector cards is.

    USE this template and photoshop -7-, use your picture, edit your picture in -7- before placing it in the template, then after your done save it as a psd file in a file I call raw cards, I then save the finished card as a JPEG in files names per person.

    Make a two page Word document, and have it set up to hold 8 pictures (3.5 x2.5) per sheet, single space grouped in two rows. I use Word 2007 for this. take Jpg’s and -drop in place- in your holder. 1st page will be the front, 2ed page will be the back. -ADJUST- paper color to match your card (hides cut marks) after all is said and done, save as a PDF.

    TAKE the PDF file to your local Kinko’s I use a thumb drive locally or ON-LINE , have your cards printed on 80 pound, one side gloss, card stock. The reason is they use laser printers and the -image- quality on a $3,000 laser jet is far above a $59 inkjet which will empty it self within two pages.

    8 pictures per page, 8 pages on a (8×11) card stock with 9 cuts total cost -around- 30 bucks, and they are -mind numbing- at just under 3.5 x 2.5 (3.44 x 2.44)

    the set also comes with a single picture 5×7, and a two picture 8×10, that I will make up a Family picture -or something- with the templates -yes- it is a SPORTS PACKAGE but your not corralled or limited -just to that- and I will set up and save and order 5×7 and 8×10 delivered to family and friends for under 5 bucks using Snapfish on the net with 3 day shipping.