March Freebie Legends Style Preset

Photoshop Preset Free Sports

This month I wanted to give away something a little different,  a Photoshop Style Preset! If styles are new to you, I’ve also created a tutorial to help you get started.

Here are some samples what you can do with the style.






  • hockeymom95

    great thank you again soon as i have some extra cash will buy the layer backdrops !!! this site made me awesome mom art/photograher lol that is what my son and his team mate calls me …

  • Valerie Wham

    I am signed up for your newsletter and have been receiving it each month, but didn’t get it in March. Has it been sent yet? I am excited to try your style preset but can’t get the link until I get the newsletter. THANKS, and thank you for all of your great tips and products!

  • justine bryant

    i also get your newletter each month but I did not received the March freebie. These make me the best mom with my daughter’s friends and parents.

  • natka020

    do i need my own photoshop to use this>?

  • Kim

    Hi natka020,
    You need Photoshop or Elements.

  • Kim

    I just sent you a link to the newsletter.

  • Millette

    I need a link to the march newsletter.

  • Shelley

    I didn’t get a newsletter in March. Could I get a link to the March newsletter? Do I need to go through the sign up again?

  • Hey Kim,
    I have not received a newsletter at all this year, or any of the templates…. am I still on the list????


  • Kim I also did not get the link how do I go about getting it.

  • Kim

    Hi guys,
    If you did not get the March freebie you can sign into the member area and get it. Let me know if you have any problems.

  • Peter Bryant

    Could you send me a link to the March newsletter as well?