Learn great tips and tricks for Sports Photography from one of the best

football.jpgJim Cayer, a.k.a. “Homer”, is one of my favorite sports photographers and a great source of inspiration.

Lucky for us…Jim is also passionate about teaching others his tricks and tips on sports photography. His latest undertaking is educating us on Football Photography. If you are serious about learning more about photographing beautiful sports shots, you definitely want to follow Homer’s blog.

Here are a few  favorite tips I’ve learned from Homer that apply to any sport:

  1. Crop tight on the action
  2. Use noiseware on every photo
  3.  Keep your f-stop number small to help blur distracting backgrounds
  4. Shoot from a sitting or kneeling position
  5. Take pictures during warm ups. (I’d like to add to this to take pictures when the players are on the sidelines and in relaxed poses for some great facial close ups)

Check out Homer’s Football Photography post now!

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