Invincible Baseball Poster {New Product}

Good news! Just in time for spring, the Invincible Baseball poster that was voted to the top of the Feedback forum is complete.

For this month only it will be at a great new product discount.

April 2010 only: $5 off (automatically applied at checkout)

  • I just bought it!!! Thank you KIM!!!!!! You ROCK!

  • ron

    Hey Kim,
    This is a great template. Would it be possible for you to make up something like this for hockey. I live in Minnesota and one of these in hockey would definately sell. I am going to buy the baseball template,I just have to decide if I want it for CS4 or PSE 6. Any suggestions, I have recently purchased CS4 but have not loaded it onto my computer. Not sure if I should keep my PSE 6 program and have both loaded at the same time or what to do.

  • anthony

    I second for a hockey one!!!