Introducing: Poster Pro Quick Kit Vol 1

proposter1-blog.jpgNeed a quick Photoshop sports poster template?

Introducing  a new line of products offered by Easydigitals: Pro Poster Quick Kits.

If you need to make posters, then this is the product for you. These posters come in 8 x 10 inches, 300 dpi, horizontal and vertical. They can also be printed at 16 x 20, 150 dpi and bigger.

October Special!
Get $5.00 off this new set.
Use the code: ppqk1


  • Ric Henry


    I bought this template from you Poster Pro Quick Kit Volume 1 and now after getting a new computer I can find the fonts to download. Can you lead me in the right direction. I downloaded SUBWAY and another font but they are not the right ones. When I bring up the template it says I’m missing fonts. Thanks fro your help