Installing Fonts in Windows XP, Vista or 98′

Here’s How:

Windows XP or 98:

  1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
  2. Double-click on the Fonts folder.
  3. Choose File > Install New Font.
  4. In the Folders menu, navigate to the folder containing the fonts that you wish to install. A list of available fonts will appear in the List of Fonts window.
  5. Click on the font you wish to install or use the “Select All” button to install all fonts in the List of Fonts.
  6. Click on OK.
  7. Video tutorial #1 click here.
  8. Video tutorial #2 click here.

If you have Windows Vista it’s a tad easier:

  1. You can just expand the zipped font file onto your desktop.
  2. Right click the file.
  3. Click “install”.
  4. Then you can delete the file off of your desktop.

Then you can go back to Photoshop and the font should be listed.

Installing Mac Fonts

If you have any problems with these procedures, please contact me or add a comment below.

  • Awesome tutorials. I’ve got three books and haven’t been able to figure out the layering techniques. One of your tutorials and I was off and creating. Thanks.

  • Bobby

    I don’t know when I started to do this, but it must have been over 15 years ago. All I do is extract the font directly to Windows Font folder..Done..


    as the extract to location in Winzip. It’s never failed.

  • David Groene

    Do you have font install instructions for Mac users?

  • carol webb

    we need instruction to install fonts with mac please

  • Cwags

    Need iMac instruction to download fonts please

  • Kim

    Hi I have added instructions for the Mac. Let me know if you have any more suggestions.

  • I am using vista and am getting an error message that the espn font is invalid – the others downloaded without a hitch.