Giveaway + NEW Topaz Adjust 5 is 30% off

2 lucky people are going to win the new Topaz Adjust 5! Also this month only Topaz Adjust 5 is 30% off. Use the code: ADJUSTME

Topaz Adjust™ just got BETTER!

This is the Adjust™ that you’ve been waiting for. Making your images POP with dynamic color, exposure and details is now even easier. The new Adjust™ 5 is enhanced with the tools you need for a more professional and streamlined workflow. Check out just some of what’s in store!

  • New preset categories with over 100 presets, for everything from subtle photo pops and warmth/cool adjustments to HDR effects, film effects and more.
  • Selective adjustment brush for burning, dodging, smoothing, and brushing out effects.
  • Apply button, which allows you to stack multiple effects.
  • Transparency slider to control how strong the overall effect is applied to your image.
  • Histogram and Curve tool integration.
  • Enhancements to the interface layout and tools.
  • And many more of the features that you asked for!

How to enter to win Topaz Adjust 5:

Just comment below with “I topaz…” and fill in the … with how you do or would use Topaz Adjust. For example “I topaz all my sports photos with portrait drama”.

It’s that easy!

The winner will be picked by on December 1, 2011.

Above is a shot I captured last week, I ran a quick preset from Topaz Adjust 5 called Heavy Pop Grunge.

See more samples here, click to see larger:

  • Brandon Sanford

    i topaz every freakin picture i work with…… BOOOYAAA!!!

  • I topaz the most with dark ghostly. I have more requests for that then an other thing I do.

  • Pamela A. Nelson

    WOW! Topaz looks like an AMAZING tool, and if I had it, I would use it in all my high school sports photo books! This would definitely bring my photos to the next level!

  • Gabriel Valles

    I topaz everything, I love the look.

  • Scott

    I Topaz to give all my photos more pop.

  • Jim Cascarino

    I Topaz Sunrise to Sunset for the drama!

  • Sarah

    I have been looking at Topaz for so long now! It would greatly enhance and take my sports photography to a new level! Thank you

  • I Topaz for awesome pop in posters and graphics.

  • Patrick Barrett

    I Topaz is awesome. I have a million uses for it!!!

  • Jeff Stiefbold

    I Topaz for to give added pop to all of my posters

  • Linda M

    I Topaz to make people GASP! 🙂

    (I love my BW Topaz, the TOPAZ adjust would make me so happy!)

  • I topaz my photos to enhance the natural beauty around us – it captures the magic, the spirit, and draws people into the photo.

  • Cindy Harryman

    I would love to add topaz to my high school sports portraits and my landscapes!!! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Barbara Bunting

    I topaz my little league football pictures.

  • I Topaz to take my personal and client’s images to a higher level. I LOVE the effects I get, and can create with only a few short clicks and adjustments! What a time saver! Would love to have the opportunity to try out the NEW and improved Topaz Adjust! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Pedro Rosales

    I Topaz every special moment of my family vacation trips…

  • mae theodorakos

    I topaz because it takes my work and art to a higher level.

  • Chris boudreaux

    I would use Topaz to edit my softball pictures and bring new life to them!


    I topaz all my photos for that extra pop!!! Love the effect!!!

  • I ??? Topaz!! I use it on EVERY picture I edit. Would love to get the new adjust!!

  • Kathi

    I topaz all my pictures to give my clients exactly what they are looking for. 🙂

  • coach

    cant wait to topaz everything

  • Lori Campoli

    I topaz because I want the look of these great photos. Hoping I win! Love Easy Digital products!

  • Joseph Fadde

    I topaz to really make my photos POP with color and detail.

  • Michelle

    I topaz my 365 picture project.

  • Mary Hibberd

    I topaz my nature/animal shots, because sometimes even Mother Nature needs a little tweak.

  • Jeff Anderson

    I’d use Topaz with my Easy Digital Photoshop templates to create awesome products that would make memories last a lifetime!

  • I topaz…as soon as I win it 🙂

  • I would use topaz in all my sports photos & portraits to tweak with drama!

  • Rick M.

    Topaz Adjust would help me adjust my mind-set to bring out the best in every shot that I take.

  • Greg H

    I topaz senior pics

  • Gary Ratajczak

    I topaz all my kids photos to give them that added professional appearance!

  • I topaz…or would…to create some new designs.

  • Camille

    I topaz on two occasions…day and night.

  • Walter Wilson

    I topaz to give excitement to my photos…

  • I topaz to win and would love to make all my shots POP!

  • I topaz to *sparkle* portraits for my clients

  • MDawson

    I topaz to create dynamic hdr images.

  • Louis Gedo

    I Topaz the world to bring it to life!

  • Susan

    I topaz all my scanned photos to make them look like they were not scanned! (Mostly my wedding photos and baby photos). 😀 Thanks

  • Ron

    I topaz to make my photos stand out.

  • Wayne

    I topaz to give my photos a professional look!

  • Susan Thorne

    Topaz or not Topaz. Always Topaz,.

  • I topaz all my photos cause I need that competitive edge.

  • Don

    I would love to use Topaz Adjust to move my images to the next level. I think Topaz Adjust would from ordinary sports shots, God knows my images are pretty ordinary. I use Topaz DeNoise, and Topaz Detail currently.

  • Sandy Warner

    I topaz all my sports photos! Want to make everything look WOW!

  • Traci Facciani

    I Topaz you, me and any other thing in my picture taking way!

  • Lori W

    If I had it, I would Topaz all my sports photos! Looking to take my photos to the next level and set them apart from all the others.

  • With Topaz I would make my pictures come to life and bring the vibrant colors out for all to enjoy…..

  • Lisa Vinecke

    I own one set but would love to have this set!!

  • I publish an annual calendar and would love to have Topaz Adjust to really take that project to the next level. I have other Topaz products and have tested Adjust and it is definitely on my wish list of ‘must have’ items as soon as I can budget it in (or win it?).

    Thanks for the wonderful products.

    Best wishes for continued success.

    Have a good one!

  • I would topaz my one and only daughter that i love to pieces then i would move on to my business part with sports, seniors, weddings, and anything that has to do with photography

  • I would love to use Topaz Adjust to make all my pictures and projects just pop off the page or screen!!!

  • If I had topaz I would use it on my nature and wildlife photos! I would love to have those deep, stacked sky. I also shoot Seniors, I can see that using topaz would be awesome to bring out the grunge of the setting, without losing the teen! Having topaz for the teens eyes would be great too!

  • I topaz everything I do….it is awesome stuff….makes everything pop….would LOVE to have the new Adjust….


    I would topaz ALL my photos… I love that pop of color =)

  • M Dail

    I topaz all my landscape shot to make them even more dramatic & to not topaz would just be wrong

  • George Mohr

    I topaz most of everything I shoot just to check what information might be lying underneath. Only topaz can produce the HDR “snap” i need when I only have one image to work with. In a word it’s “awesome”.

  • kmillionar

    I topaz pretty much everything…it’s a topaz addiction!

  • Jerry

    I topaz all my sports photos, it makes me look like a pro!!!

  • Shelly

    I topaz every photo I take because I am an amature photographer and with Topaz they think I’m a pro….not to mention that it ROCKS!!!!….woot woot!!!!! 🙂