Giveaway for 2 lucky winners: Photoshop Compositing Secrets

This book, Photoshop Compositing Secrets:Unlocking the Key to Perfect Selections and Amazing Photoshop Effects for Totally Realistic Composites by Matt Kloskowski, is such a great complement to the new Backgrounds Vol 3 that I want to give it away to 2 lucky winners.

How to enter to win:
Just comment below and explain which background you like the best and why. For example, โ€œI like number 23 because it’s gritty and also bright.โ€

If you want to see the photos larger you can see them here.

Itโ€™s that easy!

The winners will be picked by on Feb 1, 2012.

  • Cheryl Black

    I like 17 – very colorful & it can be used in many different types of photos &/or Portraits

  • Carolyn Lontin

    OMG so many ROCK! But I love the field in #11! You are drawing on my birthday so maybe it will be my lucky day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dawn Howeth

    I like 21. The colors appeal to me!

  • Sue Davis

    I like 5 because it’s all about the player…it pops!

  • Dawn Howeth

    I like 21. The colors appeal to me! Love the background

  • I like #21 because it really fits the type of senior boy pictures I take adn it would be a great asset for me to enhance my images ๐Ÿ™‚

  • chalbage

    I like number 24. The player really jumps out !!

  • I would have to say I like the industrial plate looj in #10 best.

  • They are all great, but I love #5……that ball is flying at ya and that player is flying off that explosive background!

  • I like 24! Females need more exposure in sports and this pictures shows a true female athlete.


    I LIKE # 18



  • Suzanne

    I like number 5 because it really seems to put a spotlight on the player, which is what people want in their sports photos!

  • Deb Kosik

    I like #19 – Bright, Sharp & Crisp Background. Perfect for Enhancing Portraits.

  • I like #25, it could be used so many differents situatuin, sports, portraits.

  • pauladm

    i like # 23 love the old look of the realisyic of the sport

  • Kathleen Liddick

    I LOVE #10. The diamond plate background is just what I need . It is associated with all types of racing and cars,etc.Racing backgrounds are hard to find and this background would really look good with my son and his go kart in it ! The fact you can change the color of it just makes it even better!

  • dfk53

    I like 17 it is the one that jumped off the page for me

  • John Koz

    I like #24. The things that appeals to me are the lines from the stands seem to pull you into the main subject of the photo.

  • Robert McLean

    I like #22 because I have had this Idea for a shoot and this would be the perfect background!!! Will be buying this kit.

  • I love #5. It shows movement for sports and has an element of “star quality” about it!

  • #25 is turning out to be my favorite. Those bleachers can be used as a backdrop for almost any sport.

  • Tom Ciancio

    I like number 17 It can be used for many different themes,
    school, sports, drama, very versitile.

  • I like #25 the best because it would work well with so many sports, plus it looks cool!

  • Sheri

    I like # 5 the best!

  • Tracy Turner

    I love #24. The leading lines in the backround draw your eye right to your subject!!! Nice!

  • i like 16 because its different and shows depth which works great when remaking an image on an artificial background

  • Mark

    LIke numero 15. THink it would work with different colors in different situations.

  • Robby Newport

    love #10,its our school colors.with white it pops.

  • number 17, sticks out in color .. Looks like everything is going to jump out at ya

  • Walt

    Number 12 leaves a ton of flexibility and can be used for a ton of sports!

  • lisa k.

    I like 22. It is fresh, edgey and new.

  • I like #21 because it’s realistic (no parent would say “My kid was never there!” Also, it’s edgy, bold, and look at how it makes you focus on the subject! The background is just that, a background and your subject is the focus! Awesome!

  • Jorge

    I like 5 because it gives it a nice 3D effect.

  • Linda McG

    I like #11 because of the football field in the background of a cool design.

  • CanonT1i

    I like #25 because It’s a unique background, love the depth of field in it to.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jerry

    I like number 22, as I think it is the most versatile for sports photography.

  • I like #23-25. That’s the kind of background I would actually use in a sports portrait, but don’t want to have to go find for myself!

  • Travis Bronson

    I would like the black background with the lights in the top for my poster designs.

  • Darin R

    I like number 2. It gives color to the background but still shows the person off

  • Tracy

    #22 – it is universal to any sport! –although I wish you offered more in the way of hockey and lacrosse.

  • Dannie Hedgpeth

    I like #23 – it adds punch and compliments the player.

  • I really like #4 because it is classy, have texture but does not distract from the person featured.

  • I take quite a few pics of cheer and dance teams so miner 17 would work well for me. It’s flashy and highlights the individual in the photograph well!

  • Angel

    I like 25 best because it puts the subject out on the field.

  • Jamie Corpus

    I love #10! Love the diamond plate combined with the bright red! I would def. use this!

  • I like #12 because the color is rich.

  • I like # 15 because of the abstract background

  • I like #5 because it really brings out the action in the pose!

  • Eric Beffa

    I like #21, it has a real world look to it without having to find that “perfect” location.

  • Eric Beffa

    I like #21. It gives you a real world look without having to find that “perfect” location.

  • jovonna c.

    #15 I like the expression on his face

  • Lori

    If I have to choose 1, it would be #21. It’s understated but adds a nice dimension to the photo.

  • Donna

    I really like #22 for hockey. My son plays hockey and I am always trying to find cool and unique ways to create hockey photos for his team. This one rocks.

  • I like #23 because it looks like he is actually at the stadium!

  • I would have to say I like the industrial plate lookin #10 best.

  • Wilma

    I like number 22 – very versatile.

  • #10 – Love the metal & motion look! I also like that you could use it for full body or close up. Nice!

  • #11 Football is the sport I shoot and I love the field in the background!

  • I like #7…not too busy, and would compliment a lot of different poses

  • Pete Esposito

    I simply cannot pick just one when all of them are fantastic.

  • Lou

    I like Number 21 as it’s the first one I’ve seen with a locker room background so it’s different.

  • Cathy

    Must say I’m with Pete, they are all great. But #17 jumps out to me!!

  • I like #10, it adds to the all around picture but doesn’t over power the main subject.

  • Rick

    To be honest some of them are rather boring but there are some very good ones. My fav would have to be #11 because of the field in background and the depth.

  • David Richardson, Sr.

    I like #21 the locker room because it would go with any of the sports.

  • I like #25….it will work in a ton of situations. Thanks Kim!

  • Ken

    #15 because it is perfect for basketball, which I am photographing a lot of right now.

  • Julie Paa

    # 4 because it is clear and crisp looking. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tom Owings

    I like #16 because it’s Eye catching and really Pops!

  • Ron Palmer

    I like 24 because it has grit and background fits the sport.

  • beau111

    I like # 16 because it Pops and is really Eye catching!

  • I too like #24 because I believe it is a great example of the rule of thirds and as Ansel Adams preached, every part of your image should have purpose. #24 naturally draws one’s eye to your subject and is cutting edge.

  • Ed

    I think 21,23,24 and 25 are my favorites. Very cool, would love to have them for my compositing library.
    Thanks for the great work. Love your frames too.

  • I prefer #9 it is visually interesting, but still universal for several different possible applications.. the pattern also draws you to the subject, without distracting.

  • Elaine

    It was a tough choice to narrow it down to just one. Based on versitility for both sports and portraits, my choice is #20. I like how it focuses on te athelete and cam probably be changed colourwise to match the team.

  • jg

    i like no. 24. it draws the eye in, but still gives realism.

  • My favorite background is #21 because it looks most natural like a live studio backdrop, and it draws interest to the subject quality supporting components that don’t compete – which ultimately is goal of all portraits.

  • EdChoate

    I like number 7 becauses it gives POWER to the shot.

  • I choose 5 for the POWER it exhibits in the photo

  • Hi Kim

    #23 seems to be it for me, looks very natural and like every great background, does not dominate or distract from the subject matter. It does what it’s supposed to, creates an ambiance of reality and a pleasing visual effect.

  • Marilyn

    I like #25 the composition and colors not only portray a nice photo but also emotion.

  • Melanie

    I love number 5. I like the way the player seems to be coming out of orbit.

  • Joe & Dez

    We can’t decide! They are all fantastic in their own ways! 5 & 20 both give you that great “In yer face” effect. But they all make the people in them really “pop”.

  • I like #25 because it can be used in many different sports. It can be used for the sports player or anyone else making it more of a universal type, but very sporty for a sports shot.

  • Joe Barnes

    I like #24, I just think that everything just flows with this one. Very sharp and the concept works well.

  • Liana Torres

    #10 is absolutely awesome! You can use it in just about anything. Red, rough and grungy…killer!

  • Kim

    They are all AWESOME, but my fav is #10! Very nice concept.

  • Sherrie Strausser

    #21 is my favorite….I love the locker grunge look….no matter where the player suits up they are going to be in a locker room some where and this is GREAT!

  • tsita

    I like #12 because I love the deep blue dramatic color and the design in the background.

  • Peggy

    My favourite is definitely #21. I love the “locker room” idea of this sports background. (Matt Kloskowski’s books are AMAZING! I would love to add this one to my library!)

  • I like # 5. It implies action and the player jumps right out at you.

  • Gregory Wade

    These are some awesome backgrounds and so hard to choose from. If I had to choose one it would be #25. This one is very detail and clear and does not take away from the athlete but add so much clarity and value to the photo. It is very Versatile with many sports and other portraits.

  • i like number #24 as it allows for a more grunge type look to older middle school and high school athletes. Awesome stuff here… Thanks

  • I like #24, the bleachers are a great background for several different sports.

  • Tim Thompson

    I like #24 it makes the player look really intense!

  • Tim Cox

    I like 23 because it looks as if it could be an actual picture instead of a compasition

  • Larry

    I like #24 because it has that old school look to it.

  • Sue

    Well their all good but I like #16

  • Kevin C

    I like #20. It is one of the most verstaile backs and can be used for just about any sport.

  • Glenda Kramer

    I like #5–it allows the image to “explode” which in turn gives it more of a story telling effect!!

  • Vince Michaels

    I like number 8; a versatile background. it’s great for sports but can also be used for a variety of other types of photos.

  • Wayne Walker

    I like #24, liked the mood it set.

  • Janell Bargen

    I like #21 – the background isn’t so busy that it takes away from the subject. the background fits with most sports, the background is a good color.

  • I like #22 … because all athletes want to be in the glow of the lights!

  • Tammy

    I lOve the bleachers background it unlike any other and really makes the girl standout

  • Rick M.

    I like #19 as it allowsthe viewer to focus on the person, not the background so much and can be used for more than just sports pix.

  • Guy Zimmer

    I like 11,12,19,20 a lot for an impact-attention-getting background for action poses! It can go so well with color-changing modification to match with the subject.

  • C. Kozy

    I love #24 because it encases a significant moment in time for the female player.

  • I like number 25. It fits the picture better and looks like it is more natural for a pose with the players

  • Brad Powell

    i like backgrounds 23,24 and 25. i think they just shout attitiude. they allow for alot of expression when used.

  • Helen Braxton

    I like #5 – the background in the foreground and the layer of the player and ball make it feel like the ball is coming at you with the 3D look. The foreground makes it come alive.

  • Paul Mason

    I like #23, the blending of the player and the background compliment each other and really makes a great presentation.

  • I like #25 b/c it can be used for both male or female players. It also gives the most background “sight” for have the player in any position and still see what the background is about.

  • Ryan Kosanke

    I like 25 because it gives the subject and isolated feel!

  • i like # 14 becasue there is not that much hockey theme out there and my son and his team always get stuff from me and i have to end up creating myself ……

  • Dee laforce

    I like 13…the focus remains on the little Duke dude, but gives your eye a little extra to look at.

  • Jana

    #24….it is unique and the lines from the bleachers draw your attention right to the player.

  • Margaret

    #17 the dramatic makeup of the dancer matches the dramatic background. I love it.

  • cynthia

    I like #22. I could use this alot in my different sports pics

  • I like #21 – it is real and personal.

  • Mitzi

    I love them all but if I need to chose one, it would be #21. I like the lockers in the background. It can be used for both male and female players.

  • I love them all, however the ones I don’t have in my poster sets that intrigue me…..#11, 21, 23-25. I love the attitude that these give, not only in the pictures themselves but the background adds to that look. It is also great that you can give that locker room feel or stadium feel without needing the use of a stadium field.

  • Misty

    I like #24…because it looks more like a portrait and not like a poster

  • Donna

    I like #2 for individual shots as it is very subtle and #25 as a really nice and powerful back drop.

  • Laura

    I love #25….I am photographing a high school basketball team and this is exactly what I’m looking for!

  • #21 would be the one that I like most. Specializing in sports photography, I would get the most use out of this background.

  • Conrad

    These would be very useful when shooting team and individual portraits and backgrounds for player cards.

  • Rene

    #21 Love the lockers. Would be great for seniors!

  • Sherry

    #24 – Could be used for sports and seniors. Very forgiving background if your cutout selection isn’t perfect. Love it!

  • 22. non traditional sports photo.
    very clean and it pops!!!!

  • 22. it is clean and really pops!
    a super non traditional sports portrait.

  • barbara

    My favorite is Number 5 because it can be used for any sport. and that is what i like because it would save you money in the long term.

  • Thomas Hucksoll

    I like # 22 side profile and the colors make it pop

  • Melissa Carrier

    #21 I have so many requests for the locker room look this is perfect!!! :o)

  • I like #12 . . . that royal blue is just gorgeous!

  • mike dail

    #23 is the best

  • Mirick Arries

    I like number 2 because the background is simple and frame a.w.a emphasize the photo.

  • Mike Juarez

    I like #16 because it matches the sport the player is representing and it fits nicely with the color of her outfit.

  • Number 11 has great vibes and the muscles on that young man ripple. The background adds the deminsion needed to really make the athlete’s toughness very appealing!

  • I like #9 I like the pop of the shapes and I am able to work this with non -traditional sports and set off individual and group shots easily

  • I like number 5. The background is great I love action shots

  • They are all amazing! These are just what my younger sports customers want.

  • Ntech

    I like #11 because its very nice effect.

  • shaun

    I love the feel of motion in #5.

  • I like # 5… It give a 3D effect!!

  • Tanis Essery

    I like #24…would be easy to work on, and could be used for a variety of subjects!

  • Maria

    I like #5 the best because it gives the picture that action feeling. That is what I look for with a sport picture. All the backgrounds are great but #5 got

  • Kay

    I like # 5 and #20, they are basic and simple and make the photograph pop.

  • Loralyn

    I like #3 because I’ve always been partial to backgrounds that look like paint splatter. I also like #14 because I’m a hockey mom and hockey rocks!

  • djyphoto

    I like #5 it shows action!

  • Mario Negroni

    I Like #21 it can be used for any sport, Awesome!!

  • K Cobb

    I like #11..!!! It speaks action and also tells what the sport is all about – FOOTBALL!

  • I like #19 โ€“ Bright, Sharp & Crisp Background. Perfect for Enhancing Portraits.

  • JC Taylor

    #5 is my favorite because I like the half tone in the corners. It will make any action or T&I pic really stand out. I like almost all of the backgrounds, but they need to come with other layers of sports graphics. The field in 11 & basketball in 15 are two of my favorites, but I take other sports too. If I could take off the basketball & put in a baseball or hockey puck that would be great. You did a great job & I look forward to getting them.

  • I like #10 – it is very versitle, clean, sharp – just what I need!

  • picturetaker2512

    I LOVE #24…love the depth and how the subject jumps out!!

  • Lisa Linn

    I like #5 because it is very versatile!

  • Greg H

    I like the way #20 pops

  • Donna Butler

    I Like #21. Seems like a very versatile color and texture.

  • Kari Johnson

    I love them all – they are great pictures, # 3 is my favorite it just caught my eye

  • Love #17 – I have a hundred different ideas for its use running through my head. Actually love them all!!! Excellent work!

  • Joleen Mesing

    I really like #21. The locker room effect is great and can work with so many sports.

  • George Mohr

    I lean toward the natural backgrounds … 23, 24 and 25 are great examples. I’ll go for 25 for my next project.

  • Perry C

    24 would be the background for me. I just like it !!!

  • Dee Guthman

    I love 14, would use this whole set alot!

  • I Like #2 because it’s my company colors! A lot of my models would benefit from backgrounds such as this!!

  • Phil

    It’s so hard I can’t decide its between 23,24,and 25.

  • Shannon MacIver

    I really love them all!! But if I had to pick just one I would say #17, I can visualize so many ideas that would be striking!!

  • Kimberly

    I love # 25 because you have the realization backdrop without having to leave your computer!


    My fav is #23, I like the realistic sports fields in the backgrounds

  • Hello Kim,

    I like them all but, 23 and 24 catch my eye. Not all High Schools or Jr. Colleges have great gyms or stadiums those back drops look real and it does not take away from the athlete. YOU ROCK!!!

  • Chris Woodward

    I like number 5. I like the neutral colors and the old school looking graphics

  • I like # 24 it looks like the picture was actually taken on site.

  • Tami B

    #23 It looks rough, rugged, worn out a little-reminds me of hard work -which is what is required of athletes!

  • Jeffery

    #15 Is for me and also the back grounds with the stadiums! Great work!

  • Erica Snodgrass

    I like number 5 because it sets the picture in motion! Totally awesome!!

  • Patrick

    I like #21 – subtle theme but recognizable and doesn’t distract from the player.

  • I like #25 because it looks real and very marketable.

  • I like #21. I love the locker look!

  • Moureen Ballard

    I really like Number 5. All of your focus is drawn to the athlete yet there is a sense of dynamic tension with the background – Nice!

  • Lisa Saner

    I like #24 the best…it’s something I’ve never seen before and cannot wait to use! They are all awesome!!

  • I really like them all but if a I had to choose I guess it would be #3, #13 & #18 as I shoot alot of cheerleading, softball and football. I especially like #22 showing stadium lights.

  • #24 #25 Like the popular grunge style and it would be useful for multiple sports

  • danahutch

    I like #5 because it has the look of action.

  • Definitely like number 21 simply because it can be used for ANY sport and it did not distract from the subject, which is what clients are buying it for in the first place, but still gave it the sporty feel/look!

  • I like #23 and #25. It gives you the stadum seating background that looks like a professional stadium or arena. This is NOT something you can capture in your regular high school environment.

  • I love #12, that bright blue is beautiful!!

  • Joyce Ballesty

    I really love #5. You can do so much with it for any sport/activity.

  • I like #24 because it is edgy and captures ATTITUDE. Almost surreal setting.

  • Melissa M.

    #5 It gives the photo a sense of energy and motion

  • Dennis Boyd

    Like #22 the best as it seems the most versitile ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Susan Johnson

    I like number 5 most because it brings your eye right to what you want it to go, the subject. I would change the color though to go with the subject, but that is an easy fix. The grey to a little bland for me with all the other incredibly bright backgrounds you offer. Thanks for a great product!

  • David Wonn

    Many great ones … 23, 24, & 25 are striking … But I would pick 25 if I could pick just one

  • Kathi

    They are all wonderful. But if I must pick, I like number 25. So realistic being called on to the court.

  • guajardo3

    I like #24 because it can be used for several sports.

  • Bev

    I like No.5. The background really makes this action shot pop.

  • Mia Higens

    I like #25. The background is versatile. It makes subject pop

  • Suzanne

    I like number 5 because it really puts the spotlight on the player!

  • norman

    Got to be 25…reminds me of school workouts lol

  • I like #12…the blue is so vibrant and I like how the ball looks like it was just kicked behind the subject. They are all very nice…I wish I could make stuff like this myself!

  • I like number 5 the best–I really like the star/radiating pattern! To me, it says “POW!” Neat!

  • Michael Gill

    I like the background in #21 the best. Being able to change the locker colors to fit multiple schools is awesome!

  • Fred Robinson

    I like #5 because it gives the impression of speed to sports images

  • michelle landis

    I like 24 Neat stadium feel

  • Lisa Relland

    I like #10. Its edgy and sharp looking.

  • It was hard to pick. I had five favs but I think I will go with #5 because my seniors will love it! Thanks

  • studio525

    michael white, I like number 2, simple vintage styles, not to much,

  • mac bird

    Like #5 the way it indicates action

  • WOW!!! So many great ones to pick from…but I would have to pick #5 as it is generic enough that the possibilities are ENDLESS. I LOVE that the subject pops out at you and since it is a neutral color any color uniform/clothing would stand out!!!

  • Rhonda Washington

    I like #24 the picture detail is impressive, makes you want to see her playing ball! Capture should read I got game, do you!

  • shirlee

    i like #25 because it gives a nice realistic grunge look
    very nice !!

  • Darin Chase

    #25 the stands can be used for multiple different sports.

  • Rich

    #22 – it just works. Striking.

  • #16 Very nice pose and graphics

  • I like them all. I guess #5 is my pick because I could use it with most any action cutout.

  • I like #24. The bleachers look 3-D, and as a result make the image stand-out!

  • msladydi

    I like #24 because it looks like it is coming right out to meet you. The depth of field in the background is extraordinary to say the least. I love your creations. They are so original!
    Diane Kiel

  • My favorite is #12 with the dark and bright blues, gives the foreground image to stand out!

  • Rey

    I like #10 the best. The diamond plate goes great with the boxer, strong as steel!

  • Rachel Pitts

    I like #12 because the beautiful blue will enhance my daughter’s blue eyes in her photos.

  • I like #7.. as I like red and I do many senior shoots, this one really ‘pops’.


    I like #21, luv the locker room background

  • Doug Hornickel

    I like #5… I think it really accents the ball coming at you

  • Judy

    I like the three dimensional look of #24.

  • I like #25 just a bit more than #24. Both are very nice and i can believe that the athlete is posing in front of stands and bleacers.

  • planford

    #23 – I love the colors, angle, contrast and lighting of this background! It can be used in so many different shots! Great set!