Free Fire or Flame Elements Sports Template Photoshop or Elements

Fire Flames Elements Photoshop FREE “GET FIRED UP!” Template of the Month–
Wanna to play with fire? Why not!

  • 8×10″ inches
  • 300 dpi
  • 7 different fire options
  • 1 fiery text option
  • Watch the Tutorial for idea on how to use the fire.



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Examples (Click to see larger.):

  • I am loving the looks of your site and what you have to offer. Right now my status is showing Opt-in….do I need to do something else? I really could use the “Get Fired Up” template. Lots of things look great! Please tell me how to immediately start using and purchasing items.
    Tamera Reuvers

  • Jesse

    How do you import the template into CS3, thanks any info would help….

  • shavone

    kim, how can i get this free template?

  • Pinkie

    Hi am trying to download the flame sports template, it keep asking me to sign up am a memeber i have lost the download on my pc and need it agina how do i get it. buy the way great work

  • I am trying to download the flame sports template, it keeps asking me to sign up and I am already a member. I lost all my data on my old computer. Is there anyway to get this again so I can use it?