Free February Template {Senior Rep Bookmark}

Last month I got busy and didn’t get to send out a free template so for February I’m giving out 2 free templates. This is the first one. Senior Rep Bookmarks.

These are designed to be printed perfectly with

If you are an club member you will receive your free download link with the upcoming newsletter. If you are not a member sign up now so you can receive it!

If you’d like to see more designs for purchase of other bookmarks then vote for it at the feedback forum.

Click to see larger:

  • Renee Patrick

    EasyDigitals is the greatest!! Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Your Devoted Fan,
    Renee Patrick

    • Kim

      Thanks Renee! People like you make it all worth while!

  • Bill Bush

    You guys never disappoint! Another great free template! Thanks so much.