Featured Photographer of the Month: Emery Way


Some of you may recognize some of Emery’s portraitures with attitude!  EasyDigital’s Facebook group has been fortunate to have him an active contributor. Thanks Emery! Anyone can join and contribute to our FaceBook group. Hope to see you there soon!

How did you get started?

Remember in the 80’s, there were traveling portrait studios in Wal-Mart stores? I was one of those guys. Photography was an interest of mine so I applied for a job in my area and got hired. I actually learned more about customer service than photography. I also did some portraiture and a few weddings on my own.

Are you a full time photographer?

Not at this time. I’m enjoying employment and doing photography as a side line.

What type of photography do you shoot?

My favorite is portraiture with attitude, dramatic lighting, and portraits with action. Living in a rural area, I really can’t specialize. If it pays, I’ll tackle it.

How do you promote your photos while you’re out shooting on location?

Mostly by making a spectacle of myself. I’m not bashful and I speak to as may people as possible. Nothing complicated, just personal contact. Pass out lots of cards, too.

How else do you market your photography (when not on location)?

I bug people and make sure they know that I’m an awesome photographer and direct them to my online photos. I put a lot of photos on FaceBook, too. Referrals from customers are the most important though.

Can you briefly explain your workflow?

I shoot everything in RAW and do initial processing through Lightroom. Then PS Elements for retouching and effects. I use TOPAZ plug-in programs for a lot of my effects.

Any favorite actions or vendors (besides EasyDigitals.com)?

I’ve purchased a few backgrounds and simple templates from another vendor. I like the TOPAZ plug-in programs. I use Zenfolio for online proofing and White House Custom Color (WHCC) for the majority of my printing. I use Canon cameras and lenses, and speedlights. Most of my studio strobes are Alien Bees.

What product seems to be the most popular that you offer?

Sports composites and sports related portraits/posters. Kids love shooting them because they can put on their game face. Parents love them for their uniqueness.

What is your favorite lens?

Canon 70-200mm L 2.8 series image stabilized.

What type of camera do you shoot with?

Canon EOS 1D Mark III. I also have a Canon 40D and 30D for backups.

Do you do online proofing or in person?

Some of both. Depends on logistics and customer preferences. Some customers like to have something they can hold and show.

Got any favorite web sites/blogs for inspiration or learning?

I’ve learned lots about lighting from Strobist.com. I really like to hang out on Flickr, you can see photography from around the world showcased there. You can also put your own stuff out there to see people’s reaction to them.

What is your favorite or most satisfying part of your photography business?

Wows, Ohhhs, and Ahhs from customers when they see their final product.

Any advice you can give other Photographers?

Anyone can go to an electronics store, buy a DSLR and call themselves a photographer. That’s just the beginning. Use your passion and motivation to develop skills that will put your product above mere snapshots. For goodness sakes, have fun or find something else to do.

How have the EasyDigitals.com products benefited your business?

EasyDigitals.com products help my products jump off the paper! If you were in someone’s home with our products combined hanging on the wall, you would stop and say “wow! who did that?”

My favorite personal photography thing is photographing my dogs. You can see those on Flickr here.

Visit Emery’s Zenfolio site to view more of his work.

Click “FS” to see images full size.

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  • I really enjoy Emery’s work. I have him on FB and I really enjoy looking at what he does with the Easydigital templates. I don’t know him personally but I really love the work!! Fantastic stuff!!

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