Edgy Grunge Photoshop Poster Template for Sports and Senior Photos

got-gravity-1.jpgOptions, options and more options with this template! This 14+ layer PSD template allows you to turn off and on layers to make it a perfect poster customized for many themes! It comes with neutral grunge, color grunge, dark frames and 6 stainless steel backdrops. It also has a denim and stripe overlay layer and hue/saturation layers to change the colors.


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  • Ray Medina

    I’m interested in purchasing your Grunge Template; however, am experiencing difficulty in getting your tutorial to play all the way through. It starts up o’kay then stops about twenty seconds into the tutorial. Help…

  • Kim – EasyDigitals.com

    All of our tutorials are also available on youtube.com. Here is the link to our youtube channel http://youtube.com/user/easydigitals

  • kai

    I am interested in some template collections but would like to see previews of the other included templates. It is hard to judge the others just from the first preview.

  • Bruce

    Can I get an older free template if I missed it.