EasyDigitals.com has Fantastic Customers!

Yes We are OpenMost of you found EasyDigitals.com Photoshop templates through purchases at my eBay store. I am very grateful to eBay for the medium in which I could meet quality buyers like you! Things do change though and eBay has recently decided to nix the sale of digital downloadable products. Many of my products are not free delivery on eBay any more but some of them are still listed.

I respect eBay’s wishes, however, you come first. I still want you to have the convenience and cost savings of Photoshop/Elements FREE digital downloads. That’s what you’ll get at the new EasyDigitals.com store. I’ve been working diligently to get the new store up and running at EasyDigitals.com with the help of an e-junkie.com shopping cart.

I guarantee that you will be just as pleased with your buying experiences on the EasyDigitals.com site as you were with eBay. I am completely committed to happy & educated customers!

Here are some advantages of the new store:

  • Special coupons just for EasyDigital.com Club Members.
  • Easier categorization of products – makes it easier to find what you are looking for quickly.
  • Digital downloads – means free shipping and instant delivery!

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