Drama Queen Magazine Cover

drama-queen-thm-b.jpgDo you know a Drama Queen? An over actor? A Brittney Spears or Lindsey Lohan type? Well have we got the perfect digital customizable magazine cover for you. All you need is photoshop or photoshop elements AND a picture of your Drama Queen to use this fun template.

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  • The little girls think this magazine is a bit soft and not powerful… They want something with more flare and color…

    I like it but i can convince these kids… ahahahahha

  • Kim – EasyDigitals.com

    Thanks Jackie. This is very helpful. That template was changed to Glamour girl but not all my sets have been updated yet. I need to think of something more colorful and flashy for Drama Queen, maybe even change the name. Any suggestions? I’m open to hear what the girls want!