Contest: Win ProShow Gold

The generous people over at Photodex have offered one lucky person a free copy of ProShow Gold (a $69.95 value). AND for those of you that don’t win or can’t wait, they have also provided a 20% discount coupon. Log into the member area to get that coupon.

What’s great about this software is that it gives you the ability to combine photos, video and music with lots of control for transitions, effects and even slow motion for your videos.

I downloaded and played with the free trial version of ProShow Producer. I really enjoyed it and decided to purchase it.  I found it very intuitive and easy to use with very little instruction. I made a nice slide show promoting my new product in about 1 1/2 hrs. Before this I was using Animoto and wanted more flexibility to promote my template products. Animoto is a great product for a quick video but when you need more precision, ProShow Producer is the way to go.

This software can be an invaluable asset to photographers and those interested in photo fusion. People are using this software as a sole source of income in making slide shows for clients and photographers for weddings, parties, anniversaries, funerals, events, business promotions and more.

To enter the contest is easy. Just add a comment below about this video. Please keep your comments related to the video product and not the photography etc. This is a video I made for a friend of mine. That’s it! You can enter only one time and the contest is going until April 30th, midnight, central time. Good luck!

The winner will be picked by on May 1, 2011.

You can download a free trial of the software here. Photodex has also provided a 20% discount coupon that you can get in the member area of this site.

The song on this video is called Make it Last.

  • AWESOME! Nice pics, too! 🙂

  • awesome creation with video and photography. the perfect combination for any photo session! Nice job Kim!

  • diana norcross

    Nice! Blows PowerPoint out of the waters. Seems there are lots of choices with different kinds of transitions and background.

  • WARbaby817

    I loved the transitions and especially the one that was in a heart shape… I also liked the video within the video.

  • Tammy Sleczka

    What a wonderful new way to present your special day!

  • Donna Parfitt

    Absolutely beautiful! If it had been my wedding slideshow I could watch it for hours. I could feel their joy and the peace of the location. Amazing stuff!

  • Sarah

    What a fabulous presentation. This product has such a great option of transitions, changes, fades. I think the part I like the most is the ability to add in the video clip along with the photos. Seriously looking into this product. Thanks for sharing your creation and showing all the wonderful features.


  • Fabulous video! Loved the transitions between the stills and the mixed in video shots. I can see this as being a very powerful tool.

  • Beautifully done. Nice transitions and photography. Everything flows nicely to the next.

  • The transitions were great and so was the video over the pictures. Nice!!

  • The transitions were wonderful! Very nice flow, seemless from one pic to video to more pics!!! Loved it!

  • Greg H

    I really like the video and think this is a great product that I would love to have!

  • rm1958

    Looks fantastic. I can’t believe how many different fades and transitions there are in the video. Great effects.

  • Darin Roussin

    Wow that is amazing- love the transitions!

  • Kathy Higdon

    Love it! All the options. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Looks like great software. Amazing variety of transitions.

  • Love the varied transitions available and the song was a great match!

  • Tracy

    Looks interesting… I have been looking for something to switch out with Animoto for something different and to add variety. Very exciting!

  • Interesting… will take a closer look.

  • Patrick Barrett

    Awesome! Great transitions and animations. This is quality software.

  • kristina alcaraz

    beautiful pics first of all. love the transitions!!!

  • Nice.. I like the transitions!

  • Mario Negroni

    That is pretty cool!! I want one!

  • Robert Delfin

    This software package gives you a little more ease for creativity and not making it difficult to produce a video.

  • Tim Hausman

    Nice work!

  • kittykatt25

    What a wonderful video… wow technology sure is getting pretty awesome, i love it how u can incorporate video into pictures like that.. wow incredible.. love the video!!!! great job ?

  • Just what I am looking for! Great!

  • Fabulous video….I love it! And I can’t wait to try it myself. It definitely offers some great features that I haven’t been able to get on iMovie or iPhoto. Thanks for sharing….and I hope I win 🙂

  • I this day and age, what a wonderful way to present that
    “something extra” to the Brides and Grooms of their
    very special day.
    Everyone looks for one thing that will be different above all.

  • Looks great! I think I’ll download the free trial and check it out!

  • Jodi

    I love the combined effect of video, music and photos to create one final video. The transitions are pretty cool

  • 🙁 PC only…..

  • Susan

    I downloaded a trial and I absolutely LOVE this software! I love the transitions and the incredible versatility of the software. My boys said that you can do the with windows..uh huh! I like adding the music to photos and the blends and backgrounds. It is incredible software that is amazing! Thanks you Kim for introducing me to Easy Digitals and Proshow! They both are awesome. I am so inspired by both!

  • Mike

    The transistion is great. I Like the shadow of the picture in the background. WOW

  • Renee Patrick

    Looks like a great product! In the last two weeks I have been trying out some slideshow products… this was one I didn’t try! Thanks for the heads up. Renee

  • Mark

    NIce video.Very good transitions.

  • This would be so nice to use with my seniors and sports photography… esp. now that all the new cameras have HDR video.

  • kmillionar

    This video is awesome! Love everything about it and if it’s as easy to use as you say…I want a copy!!! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  • There sure is a wide variety of transitions available, and the video integration is cool.

  • Gadgetman

    I have the higher up version called Producer and it is great. The gold version is also very nice and their tech support is 7 days a week! What’s better, is the tech support is not in India but the LoneStar state of Texas.

  • Kim Griffin

    I love the product. It would save me a bundle using this over Animoto. Wish it worked on a Mac.

  • Gadgetman

    From my understanding, depending on the model of Mac you have, you can emulate the Windows OS or run it in a virtual environment if you have the new Intel CPU’s. The only catch is you have to buy a version of Windows at around $150, plus the ProShow software.

  • The video and pic composite looks. Good I would like to check out the program as well!

  • Great product…I too like the video included with the stills.

  • Beautiful slideshow, great transitions, and amazing pictures. Would love to add slideshows to the products offered to my clients.

  • Jodi Hutchins

    Great video. Love the transitions!

  • Great package with all the added effects you want to present a professional looking slideshow….. without the advertising !!! Love have this !!!!

  • Terry Kilpatrick

    Great compulation, not sure what to call it because its more than just a slideshow. I really enjoyed it and will be looking into this product for my next wedding shoot.

  • This is a great tool in any photographers kit. The transitions and movement in the programme are excellent!

  • Ken

    Pretty impressive.

  • Rick McC

    Like the transition at 1:31 the best.
    Maybe more fades or fade images overlayed
    would soften the overall “film”?

  • music87

    It reminds me of Final Cut but cheaper!

  • Nice job putting together the wedding show. Great photography also. It is a tool the most photographers will love to win.

  • What a wonderful way to set us apert from the regular photographers. I’ve wanted to be able to put a great slide/video presentation together for my clients.

  • Eon Saddler

    Incredible software program transitions had me in awe. The song is really nice also.

  • Cindy McCrocklin

    Love it! The transitions are so smooth and combining and the ability bo combine the videos in the same slide show so beautifully really appeals to me!

  • guajardo3

    Great product love the transitions, great way to combine video with photos.

  • Rhonda Washington

    This software is great. the dual slide transitions, opacity levels and even the text at the end are all above most slideshow software. Can’t wait to download the trial.

  • Angel

    I thought the video flowed smoothly of the timeline and that the actual pieces of video worked really well with the stills. They will love it!

  • Angela Edwards

    Beautiful video and lovely pictures. This software seems to have a lot to offer. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sam

    Loved this video. I’ve been using corel studio, but after watching what this software can do. Hey no comparison.
    Specially the way you can use layered photos. Nice job kim.

  • I am just starting to get into photo fusion and this software looks like it would be fun and easy to use. Thanks for sharing your video with us. It looked great!

  • Angela Butler

    Great Video! Love the transitions and the ability to add the video clips with still shots. Really captured the special day with great hightlights!

  • Sarah

    This product offers so many different transition and ways to highlight the photos. Love that you can add video clips in amongst the different pictures. Thanks

  • Absolutely AWESOME video production! The transitions are perfect! Takes still pictures to the next level and blows away other “slide show” type software! Amazing, simply amazing!

  • Doug Wampler


  • Doug Wampler

    Great product

  • Karen L

    I want it!

  • Nice Kim!! I’ve looked at ProShow in the past but this video makes me really want it after seeing it in action!

  • I loved this product. i have experimented wth the free download and can see myself using this alot in the future.

  • Misty Boles

    Awesome Product!

  • Julie M

    I really liked it. I’m definitely going to check out the trial version. I really liked the muliti-layers mixed in b&w with the color and the direction of movements being separate, mixing of stills and video and audio.
    I could have a lot of fun with this product.

  • Dave Bauer

    Great product, a software designed for photographers.

  • David S

    Kim, as always, thanks so much for sharing…your video was amazing and you made it so seemless that I can only hope mine looks as good… I’ve checked out the trial version and really liked what I saw…
    As a photographer much of your time is taken with shooting and post production, this little gem is EASY to use and works as another source of income that more than pays for itself the first time your client uses see it.
    Definitely will be having some fun with this.

  • Gail Unze

    That is amazing!

  • Richard Morales

    Kim, great presentation. I been using this product since 2004 and just love it. Also love the feature that you can create flash for website really easy. The best thing is the software only get better and better.

  • Joie Fadde

    Loved the video and the use of both video clips and photos. Everything flowed so nicely.

  • christine

    I would love to have IT!!!!

  • Absolutely wonderful software… already brainstorming how to use it with my images. I’m sure your friend loves this fabulous gift you made. Definitely priceless!

  • The software is amazing…I am very impressed…Love the video !!! Good Job !!!

  • Julie

    Great video. Shows the amazing things the software can do.

  • Very nice….professional….creative….timely transitions to go with music…well thought out….a treasured keepsake!

  • Melissa

    Loved how the flow of the pictures went with the music. Great video.

  • Jamie from Ga

    Awesome video 🙂 I love the transitions. I already have tons of ideas if I win this software!

  • Mandi

    Awesome video.. love the pics!