Awesome Book Giveaway

I have 2 fantastic books to give away to 2 lucky winners.

How to enter to win one of these books:
Just comment below and say which Christmas bobblehead character below best describes you, based on the descriptions. For example, “I am the angel character because I love to be generous to everyone”

Also if you already have one of the books or don’t want one, tell me which book you would like to win. If you would like to win either you don’t have to put a preference.

It’s that easy!

The winners will be picked by on Jan 1, 2012.

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  • norman

    I am the Santa just because of all the work I do with youth sports.

  • My husband says I’m a Nutcracker.

    I don’t have these books.
    Either would be a fine addition to my photography library.

    Thank you.

  • I would be the Elf. Always helping everyone else but not looking for anything in return.

  • Cathy

    Mrs Claus, love to do it all. Photoshop compositing would be nice. Want to do more of that type of work. Thanks!!

  • Will colston

    I would have to say Santa because I am the leader of my family and always happy.

  • I’m the Santa charactor, I love photographing kids, any age and love Mom’s expressions when she sees her child’s expressions.

  • Tom C.

    I am the santa character I acctually dress the part giving gifts to kids at the school I work, who otherwise wouldn’t get much
    at Christmas.
    Photoshop compositing looks very interesting.
    Merry Christmas.

  • steve Tetreault

    Santa allways happy and like woking with kids
    Allway woking withthe underdog , to make them feel like they belong too.Like decorating the house for christamas for the kids.
    Photoshop book would be nice,,,,,

  • I am definitely a Mrs. Clause. I love to bake, and I love taking care of people and feeding them and whatever it is they need. I do photography work on the side and I have a saying, that I do my best work for “free”! I try my best to have a servant’s heart and encourage each of my five children to do the same.

    Always looking to improve my photography skills so that I can make a little money so that I have quality equipment for my “free” gigs. 🙂

    Would love to have either book for referencing and learning.
    Merry Christmas!

  • Mario Negroni

    I would be Santa, I’m jolly, a leader, like kids, ohh…and I’m Fat!

  • I am the angel always reminding my self and other of the words we speak. When words are released out of your mouth, it gives that word permission to exist in your life. Remember Words Have Power…. I would love to have the light it, shoot it, retouch it….. book by Scott Kelby Happy Holidays What you think about you bring about…

  • JB McDougall

    I am an elf all the way. Love using photoshop to create memorable (and sometimes really silly) pictures for friends and family.

  • Scott Bird

    I’m definitely the nut cracker. I’m an engineering project manager in real life, so having everything exactly the way I want it is important. I need Scott Kelby’s book so my pictures start coming out exactly the way I want them. Thanks!

  • I think I’m an Elf!

    I don’t have either of these books but would love them! Thanks for this great give-away!


  • Jodi

    I am the Angel- I truly share the characteristics of the Angel, they are all very important to me.
    I would be thankful for either of these books really.
    Thank you for a wonderful give away!

  • If I had to pick just one I would say most likely would be the nutcracker, although if you could mix about 60% Nutcracker with 40% Santa would probably be a more accurate description.. lol.. Thank you for having such a creative and original contest.. Very refreshing.. If I were to be selected as the winner, I believe I would prefer the Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it book,

  • Leslee Leverett

    I would be Rudolph – minus the whole ‘shy’ thing! that’s one thing i’ve never been called!! I would love to win either of the books! Love your creations and love give-aways…..that’s a win, win situation!

  • Lynn Zirkle

    I would consider myself as half Nutcracker, half Elf. Very Loyal and a creative planner. I do not have either but If I had a choice, “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it”.

  • Frank

    I would have to say that I have a little bit of each character in me. But, the biggest % would be Elf cause I am very helpful.

    If I were to win I would prefer the lighting book.
    Thank you

  • Always concidered myself an angle, although can’t convence my wife I am.

    Would love the lighting book.


  • Jeff Stiefbold

    I am definitely Santa. I am an elementary school teacher and a high school volleyball coach. I love children and enjoy helping students achieve their goals

  • Todd

    I would absolutely love Scott Kelby’s Light it, shoot it book. I might just sneak it under the tree for myself! I have Matt Kloskowski’s book and it is AWESOME!!!!

  • Probably a Nutcracker – definitely a nut who also tries to crack people up. Love your creativity and photography! Look forward to receiving your emails and that’s saying something!

  • I am SO totally an elf! I teach one and two year old preschoolers. I love photography and scrapbooking. You will often find me merging all of my loves together in photographing preschoolers and then crafting a memorable gift from the results.

  • I hope people see me as the angel.

  • Kathleen Liddick

    To be honest, I am the angel,after having breast cancer twice, I am so thankful to be here sharing another Christmas with my family.

  • No Grinch bobblehead for me? I guess I’ll have to go with the nutcracker then – definitely a little nutty throughout the year!

  • Kathleen Liddick

    I would also love the Photoshop Secrets book(forgot to put it on my entry!)

  • Guidou

    Oooooo, Photoshop Compositing!

    I think that i am the elf: short, perpetually young (at heart), and always busy, I know that at our house, without me, Christmas wouldn’t happen!

    And i can’t wait for Christmas morning!!!!!!!!

  • I would say I most closely identify with the elf, because creativity is important to me, and I try to be helpful with whatever I can, and I am excited when I have a photography project planned.

    Either book would be fine.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  • Carolyn

    I am Mrs. Claus I do the baking and taking care of the Christmas preparations

  • Cindy

    Souds a little conceited, but…Angel as the qualities shown there fit me best. Hope all of you have a blessed Christmas.

  • Rick

    Rudolph – cause I try to guide my family sleigh through the darkest nights.

  • coach

    sweet angel i am

  • Rhonda

    I would describe myself as Mrs. Claus because I keep everything behind the scenes going as smoothly as possilbe here our “North Pole” in Texas. My kiddo are my elves and my husband is the Sherriff here in our town, so sometimes I have to say, “Now, Papa…..”

    Thanks for having this fun contest, either book would be great!

  • Les Gaunt

    I’m going to have to go with good old Saint Nick! I run two girls fastpitch softball leagues. I make sure that the girls have fun, learn and most importantly have confidence and self respect. I am fairly new to photography, and I feel that I have taken so me beautiful shots. But that isn’t even close to when I am coaching these children and you see them smiling or laughing without any cares in the world. So innocent, like God is giving me a small preview of what heaven is like. Last but not least, I don’t have the metabolism of when I was twenty. So if I don’t start watching my diet, I will be looking like Santa Claus as well. GO RAPTORS!! Thanks and have a Merry Christmas everybody. I enjoyed writing this.

  • Vince Michaels

    I am the Elf, I try to make Christmas a magical time for my Family. We have a lot of fond memories; and we will be adding new memories this year ! I would love the “Photoshop Compositing Secrets” book. I love to learn new tricks.

  • Suzanne

    I am Mrs. Claus, because I take care of everyone, and also because as an English teacher, the mistakes drive me nuts! Mrs. Clause would be a good name for me, as it is a part of a sentence.

  • This may be my last year as Santa. The kids are getting older and learning things that I am not ready for them to learn.
    I have looked at the composing book at the books store and hope to have one someday. It looks amazing!

  • Deborah Curtis

    I would have to be Mrs Clause! I have been a team Cheerleading mom for the last 6 years. My camera and video camera have documented everything they do I make a year end video for all of the girls, and they wait for it eagerly. I have used many of your templates over the years. I would love the Photoshop bok. Thanks!!

  • I would say an Elf, because I not only am a photographer I work for UPS full time. I also try to find time to be a Volunteer Fireman, so helping others is a passion!!

  • Jana

    I would say the elf because I’m the planner, but my resolution for 2012 is to be more like Rudolph and remember to get in and play all the games and have fun!

  • barbara grace

    I’m not sure I am really this but I would like to think the reindeer would best describe me. It reminds me of Ruldolph the red nose reindeer and I think about how he came through when he was needed the most. that is what I would like to be, someone that would be there for you when you needed me the most.

  • Rudolph by far!!!! I’ve helped plan a handful of open shoots for new models and photographers and have had to deal with “logistical” issues. Plus I’m in the Army and when I had down time in Afghanistan I’d be pulling little pranks on people to help the time pass.

    If I were to be chosen Scott Kelby’s book would be my choice please.

  • Ric Henry

    I’m more of a Nutcracker. Very organizer with my pictures and usually go the extra mile for my customers to make sure they are happy with what ever they buy. I would like the lighting book if possible.

  • Donna

    I think I would be an angel. I try to help and encourage. Either book would be wonderful, but if I had a choice, my first would be the composition. I don’t have any lighting equipment yet, but it’s always good to know too. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  • Norma

    I think I’m a little bit of each, but to settle on one, I would say the Nutcracker. I think I am very loyal to my friends and family.

  • Misty

    Oh…I am definatly Mrs. Claus with an elf attitude…I love to bake during the hoidays and the season wouldn’t be the same with out the treats however I love to be creative and decorate anything and everything.

  • I am definitely Mrs. Claus. I love to bake, and I think my biggest spiritual gift is the gift of encouragement. Thank you for the giveaway… awesome books! Love the bobblehead cards, too!

  • Lori Westlund

    Though my family may not agree with the “title” of angel I think the description fits me best….honest, gentle, generous and most definitely thankful.

  • Tanis Essery

    I am definitely Mrs Claus…as I am sitting here coated in flour from baking holiday cookies!

  • Jim Ellis

    Santa, of course! I even have the white beard and the belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly!

    The Photoshop book would be wonderful but, of course, I’d be happy with either one.

    HO! HO! HO!

  • I would consider myself more like the elf character. I’m always on the looking to develop new and creative ideas in my business. My wife says I am an excitable boy.
    I own the Photoshop Compositing book

  • Eric Beffa

    I think I would be the elf! Filling the holidays with joy and some good natured mischief.

  • Daniel Jones

    Rudolf I love to keep the holiday light and playful, making people smile and capturing the memories to share with everyone around

  • I’m Santa to all.

  • Shelly

    I would have to say Rudolph…..I like to light the way to new adventures for my kids, family and friends!

  • I’m the elf, always a bit mischievous!

  • Elaine

    This was a tough call because I am a bit of each character, but I’ll chose Mrs. Claus. I deal with children on a daily basis in my profession. I love to bake and improve with every batch. Merry Christmas to all.

  • I’m more like the reindeer, shy but fast thinking…..

  • Angel

    I’m the elf! I spread good cheer.

  • Pete Esposito

    I would be Santa.

    Many years ago when my daughter was a little girl I was at a family Christmas party celebrating Christmas Eve and the coming of Santa Clause. This was a special night. This one time the children could stay awake and really see Santa deliver presents to them.

    My uncle had a genuine Santa suit from many many years ago. You know what I’m talking about if your an old kid like me. Anyways, I got to play Santa. I walked in the house surprised the kids were still awake, but nevertheless told them this one time they could have cookies and milk with me and get their presents.

    Before giving it to them, I had my very young daughter and my niece sitting on my lap talking to them and making sure they are getting the right gifts. It was that special moment in time I saw something in both their eyes I have never ever seen before in any child’s eyes. It was that twinkle that glowed that only Santa could see. They looked at me with awe and loving every minute of it. Its a moment I never ever wanted to stop seeing.

    But all good things must come to an end and so did that. They got their gifts and I had fun with the parents. And off I went.

    Im still hoping to see that twinkle again in a child’s eye. The one only Santa sees. But, I know it wont ever come. That was a special night for the kids, but it was me that learned the real meaning of Santa Clause.

    Thank you Kim for allowing me to share that with you.


    composting would be nic.

    Kim, Merry Christams to you and your family and I hope your business prospers even more this coming year.

  • I would say my closest match would probably be the nutcracker.

  • Laura Edmonds

    I would have to say Mrs. Claus, I definitely have a major desire to bake like crazy for the holidays!

  • I am a Nutcracker. I am loyal to the end, I love to be organised in all aspects of my life and I am very protective of those I hold dear to my heart and close to me.

  • Greg H

    I would be Santa because I always like kids to be happy as much as possible. I like the light it, shoot it, retouch it book.

  • I see myself more as a Santa Clause in training. I am the leader of our family and have other leadership positions as well. I am a middle school teacher and generally like to work with kids. I am working on always having a Jolly attitude and being more extroverted. I do pretty well in these areas, however.

  • Kim Ottenbrite

    I’m an Elf

  • Jamie

    I am an Elf because I love to use my creativity and I always plan for the future. I enjoy helping others and I have lots of personality 🙂

  • Kathy

    I am Mrs. Clause because I truly believe she does it “ALL” and Santa just gets all the credit. 🙂

  • I think I would fit in the Santa Category: I am a natural leader, and I love kids and the smiles we make when they see their pictures and posters we create for them. It makes all the hard work worth it! At least to me it does… 🙂

    Either book or both would be fine by me!

  • I am an Elf. Just likes to help where ever I can and makes things happen on short notice. Do not need the limelight just want to have people around me be succesfull

  • Phil

    I would say the Elf. Always helping.

  • The elf describes me the best. I love to be creative with my photos and planning events and helping get me excited.

    If I win I would l like the Photoshop book.

  • I’m be described as the Rudolf. I just got back from New York City were I took my 9 year old niece to visit for the first time. We live in California and went for a long weekend.
    It was crazy there with all the people from all over the world.
    We ran around trying to see all of the great sites and lights that the city has to offer. We zipped around like reindeer and I was Rudolf guiding her all the way. Merry Chirstmas.
    to all and Piece on Earth.

  • Kristi Hall

    I am an elf because I like to create photo collages for the high schoolers

  • I would be an elf. I like to help others and get very excited seeing others receiving gifts.

    I do not have either book, and would be very happy with either one!

  • augustrose

    Absolutely Ruldolf. I love those reindeer games! What a fun contest!

  • Tracy Kyeer

    Probably more of a Christmas Hybrid, but if I have to pick just one I guess it would be a nutcracker. I would really like Photoshop Compositing Secrets for Christmas. I really love your templates thank you and Merry Christmas!!!

  • Patricia Guinn

    I am the elf because I am always full of ideas and the passion to make it happen.

  • I would say I am most like Rudolph.

    I am at times a little shy, but also a fast thinker.

  • Hmmm… I would say I am closest to the Nutcracker except for one thing… I just broke a tooth this week and therefore I will not be cracking nuts any time soon (at least not with my teeth)!!

  • Jessica Liebe

    I would definitely say Mrs. Claus as I love to cook and bake whether it be the holidays or not. The joy and smiles from others eating a delicious dessert always makes me feel like I accomplished something good.

  • Cynthia

    Mrs Claus as I’m nurturing, LOVE to bake, and always cheering on my kids. 🙂

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  • I’m like Ms. Claus because I love to volunteer at the middle school and high school taking the kids pictures and being someone they can talk too, they trust me because I only put pictures that support our school and the ones I sell half goes back to the PTA. I also like to cook them treats and teach them how to cook. Thanks for all your free templates, they really help someone like me who really doesn’t make any money but does it to lift the kids spirits and show them in a positive light.

  • mhorton33

    Definitely an Angel, starting a business working with individuals with disabilities assisting them with instruction to create their own photography masterpieces. They all are truly ANGELS! Either book would be beneficial for us!

    Thanks for the site and giveaways!

  • Tim_1958

    I think, I would be more like the Nut Cracker


    I am definitely the elf – I have an xmas shirt that reads “I am not short, I’m just elf-sized” – I am now the smallest member of my family as my 3 kids have outgrown me….I am creative because I like to do neat things with the sports photos I make of my kids and their friends on their sports teams and give them away as gifts…and I would be very excited to win one of these books to learn more!!!!

  • I’m rudolph…always getting everyone where they need to be!

  • I would be Santa because I own a modeling company and have over 140 hot little elves Spreading sweet smiles and good will towards men! Around here…everyday is Christmas!!!

  • kimalmassri

    Mrs. Claus because I am always in the kitchen and love taking care of my family. Either book would be great!

  • Definitely the Elf – during Christmas, you never hear about an Elf getting a Christmas present. The reason, the Elves are always hard at work being creative, excited, planning and helpful. This describes me and my wife perfectly. From Christmas dinners, to helping our kids with bills, surprise gifts and taking photos throughout the year and providing a year end present as a photo album for the entire year. It is all about giving to others, just as an Elf would do. (Light it and Retouch it is my choice)

  • All little bit of them all. I am really complex.

    Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It Please

  • TraciL

    Definitely the nutcracker….while the qualities of the others are some of which I possess, I’m sure that my friends would say I’m the nut of the group….goofy, fun and the life of the party.