Are you shooting in Camera Raw?

If you back up your photos on your computer because you don’t want to lose that once in a life time shot then why not do the same while shooting? Raw is like an insurance policy for your photo while in the camera. If you highly over or under exposed the shot, there is a chance you can save the photo with Camera Raw, so why blow the chance by shooting in jpg?

royals 405-2-sm

This is a shot of my lovely sister at a KC Royals game. I think she’s praying for the Royals to make a come back.  Sadly, it didn’t work that day.

The image on the top is a badly under exposed photo. After adjustments in Camera Raw and few more tweeks in photoshop, the image on the bottom is the result. I also reduced some of the noise with a noise reduction program and converted to black and white.

The only reason not to use camera raw is if you are running out of space on your card.

  • The only time I don’t use RAW is when shooting high volume in action situations. I can do major adjustments to the image so the photoshop adjustments look better.