3D Wall of Fame + Topaz Impression Photoshop Tutorial Painterly Look

Sometimes when a composite isn’t coming together the way I want it to I like to experiment with Topaz Impression. In this Photoshop Formula Video I use the new 3D Wall of Fame set to create a digital painting including the badge.

Photoshop Tutorial Formula steps:

  1. Open layered Photoshop file
  2. Turn badge and text layers off
  3. Top menu click Filter> Topaz Impression
  4. In Topaz Impress click All Effects
  5. Select Impasto II> OK
  6. Turn on badge layer and customize text, colors and icon as desired
  7. Drag in extracted athlete and adjust size as desired
  8. Merge layers by pressing Ctrl=Shift+Alt+E
  9. Top menu click Filter> Topaz Impression again
  10. Click All Effects
  11. Select Cezanne I> OK
  12. Adjustment Layer> Photo Filter and adjust color to your liking
  13. Duplicate final layer
  14. Top menu Filter> Other> High Pass sharpen as you please from 3-14 pixels
  15. Change High Pass layer to Overlay mode.


Gallery (Click to see larger):

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