2015 Calendars in PSD, PNG & Brushes


Calling all Portrait and Sports photographers. Time to  show off your work! That’s right you can offer your clients a 2015 calendar featuring your awesome photography and their loved ones. Winning!

You might be thinking, “hmm… this is more work than shoving snow in a blizzard”. Don’t worry, you can customize these calendars in a snap.  These templates have tons of options for tweaking, you will be able to make $$$ quickly. Here are some ideas for you and your customers to think about:

Thank You Gifts
If you shoot sports. your teams may have sponsors that would love a calendar of the team they sponsor. In addition to people supporting the team financially, the parents are providing their precious time and the parent-taxi service. As part of the team photo packages, encourage the coaches and team moms to purchase a cool 2015 calendar to hand out as thank gifts to all the people who put in their time and money for the team. Let them select the photos they want in the calendar.

Christmas Gifts For Family
Easily up-sell a 2015 calendar as part of a portrait package or sports photography session or offer it as a bonus. We all take great pride in having the best looking family around and enjoy showing them off. Calendars featuring their family or their child’s sports team will make them happy every time they see it and it saves them the time and hassle of going out to find a gift for Aunt Ermantrude. You will find that many of your clients will need to purchase several calendars to be used as gifts over the holidays.

Marketing Material For Your Business
Make a stack of calendars to hand them out to people who swing by your studio for more information. You can use this marketing opportunity to highlight some of your fantastic work from candid shots to football players leaping into the air for the wining touchdown.

Choose from two options OR save even more and get them both:

  1. Photoshop Complete Templates 8 Pack Features 8 completely layered – full year unique designs with options for 1, 3 or 4 photos in several of the templates. Quickly drag your photo in, clip it to the frame, change the colors and text and Voilà! You’re all done. OR…
  2. Calendar Brushes, PNG and InDesign Set Bursts with 75 Files!!! Including InDesign templates, Photoshop brushes and high resolution PNG files. With a simple click of your Photoshop brush tool you can make any photo into a stunning calendar.

The best part…I’m giving you a discount AND a bonus high resolution 12 x 12 Polaroid calendar if you buy before Dec 7th! Who loves ya? Hurry, so you don’t miss out on this limited time offer!


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