2009 Photo Calendar FREE template of the month September

Great ready for 2009 now! This simplistic 2009 image calendar is perfect for any picture. The contemporary simple look will allow your picture to take center stage. Don’t forget to add your favorite photo since you will be seeing this great shot all year long!

Includes font location. Just drag in your photo size it and it’s done. Learn more about adding and sizing photos here.

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If you had problems Downloading this calender in the September Newsletter, it should be ok now! I apologize for any inconvenience.

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  • Rebecca Clair Darden

    I love your site and your tips, thank you so much. I wanted to take advantage of your free download for September, but I’m not seeing the download template button. Am I missing it?

    Thanks again for all the great tips. I recommend you templates to EVERYONE!

  • Anthony Sankauskas

    I love your web site and enjoy reading your tips so much, your templates are great and i look forward to recieving them every month.

  • Kim

    Thanks Anthony and Rebecca, I appreciate the comments very much!

  • nui