Product Review: Gary Fong GFLSC01 LightSphere Collapsible Flash Diffuser

Today I’m going to review the Gary Fong GFLSC01 LightSphere Collapsible Flash Diffuser that I recently purchased.


In the past I’ve purchased a few flash modifiers,  like the Sto-Fen and the Ray flash, and I’ve never really been happy with the results I get from them. However I can’t always predict the light when I’m out photographing people in natural light. After a bunch of research I decide to try the LightSphere.


I’m very happy with the results I got with this product. The reason is because the way the light fell on my subjects was very soft like natural light and as Gary says in one of his videos, it’s like the light from a lamp with a lamp shade.


I don’t have any cutting edge test to show you but I don’t really need that because Gary Fong has so many videos on the topic that there is no need. Below I posted one of my favorite videos and a link to all his videos.


This is a shot with the LightSphere and then under this shot is one with no flash fired. These shots are SOOC (not retouched).



Here is a link to Gary Fong’s channel.

Please let me know your thoughts about this product below.

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