Free Photoshop Layered Background & Speed Compositing

Free Background

Have you ever wanted to watch over someone’s shoulder while they’re doing a Photoshop Composite? Why not? You get to see all the absurd mistakes they make, but then there are some happy accidents too! Woo hoo!

Watching other artist’s workflow is something I never get tired of. With Photohop there are about 500 different ways to do everything so it’s great to see how other people manipulate Photoshop to accomplish their vision.

I really enjoy making these speed compositing videos for you and I’d love to hear from you on what else you would like to see, so if you have a specific request or comment post it below!

This month’s free Photoshop Background info:

  • 300 dpi
  • 8 x 12 inches
  • Layered psd file
  • Works with Photoshop Cs or higher and Elements
  • Susan

    That was really cool to watch. Can you do one sometime using Elements? Some of the things you did were in Photoshop only weren’t they? I would really see something this done in Photoshop Elements
    ….really cool, thanks for sharing!

    • Kim

      Hi Susan,
      I’ll look into doing something like this for Elements.

  • Louis

    Nice video but for me just a little to fast, I like it better when you explain things as you do it.

  • Judy

    Love watching you work.. you are amazing!

  • Yes I enjoyed your video; however, it went so fast I couldn’t follow what you were doing. I would like to suggest you slow it down at least half the speed you had it set at. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.