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What's Included

  • 2 – 8 x 10″ horizontal & vertical digital backdrop
  • 4 Ground Layers for Softball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Grass & More
  • Many layers to customize your work
  • Remove your person from the background with our video play lists
  • Integrate your subject seamlessly into this digital backdrop by watching Selling the Illusion videos

Technical Specs

  • Ready to be used for personal and commercial use. Read our License Agreement for details.
  • Files are compatible with Photoshop CS2 & up
  • Windows & Mac
  • File format .psd
  • 8 bit, 300 dpi
  • Images are delivered in a single .zip download. No disk will be shipped.

Photoshop Only: NOT compatible with Elements


What's included:


Heroic Dreams 8 x 10 photoshop Layered Backdrops
3D Text
Ground Glory Dreams Photoshop Layered Backdrops

Smart Objects for 3D Logo or Text

3D Text
3D Text

Photoshop Tutorial

Background Removal Tutorial

Heroic & Legendary Dreams Tutorial

Idea Zone:

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