Clipping/Extraction Background Removal Services Reviewed and Compared

Do you ever get tired of removing the background from your photos? Or maybe you don't know how to do it and you don't want to. Well I'm here to help, I've put several clipping companies to the test  and I have the results for you here.

This will be an ongoing report so please let me know if you have a company you want me to test out. I thought I would see which companies were also generous enough to give me 3 free images for this post.

I might also add the disclaimer that I am in no way associated with any of these companies.

The following is a slide show so that you can compare each of the companies that I tested and their results:


Clipping Service Results:

Party Girl

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Autumn Girl

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  • Site:
  • Price: $1.50
  • Turnaround time: 24 hours
  • Coupon code for $20 free: EASYDIGITALS20
  • My rating 10 of 10: [rating=10]
  • Notes: I found at the Imaging USA 2014 conference. They have been the most eager to assist customers of the companies I reviewed. They reached out to me several times and they have provided customers $20 in free services. Just use the code: EASYDIGITALS20. They have also created a video just for customers to do the upload process. If java does not work you (as it didn’t for me) click the “Easy Upload” area and then click “Add files”. It’s super easy.

Here is a video Retouchup made just for customers to show you how to upload the files:[pydsmugmugslider albumid=”37281600″ albumkey=”jNgN36″ albumtype=”slider” imagesize=”OriginalURL” imagelink=”0″ ]

  • Site:
  • Price: .75 .15 for Transparent – PSD/PNG/TIF
  • Turn around time: 48 hours (extra fee for rush)
  • Discount for bulk orders available based on the approval of Management
  • Friendly Chat service
  • 10 free images
  • My rating 10 of 10: [rating=10]
  • They had the best web site of all the companies I reviewed.

[pydsmugmugslider albumid=”37282040″ albumkey=”mN7HKM” albumtype=”slider” imagesize=”OriginalURL” imagelink=”0″ ]

  • Site:
  • Price: Varies
  • Turnaround time: 12-24 hours
  • 1 free image
  • My rating 8 of 10: [rating=8]
  • Notes: Easy Process, 1 free image, returned within 24 hours. (even on the weekend)

[pydsmugmugslider albumid=”37282111″ albumkey=”BZzncd” albumtype=”slider” imagesize=”OriginalURL” imagelink=”0″ ]

  • Site:
  • Price: $4.oo
  • Turnaround time: 24-48 hours
  • 3 free images
  • My rating 5 of 10: [rating=5] (poor communication)
  • Notes: I had some poor communication issues with these guys getting started but they were eager to resolve them. You can get 3 free test images, this is from their web site: “Drop a few text directly with your inquery or upload up to 3 Free Trial images to test our service quality at”

[pydsmugmugslider albumid=”37282157″ albumkey=”9qw6Hk” albumtype=”slider” imagesize=”OriginalURL” imagelink=”0″ ]

  • Site:
  • Price: $1.99 (discount for bulk orders)
  • Turnaround time: 24 hours
  • Free test by email
  • My rating 8 of 10: [rating=10] (mainly because complexity of upload/download)
  • Notes: Upload/Download is via FTP connection, so you need to know how to use FTP. 24 hour turn around (one weekend) and friendly staff. Free tests available by email the here.

[pydsmugmugslider albumid=”37282209″ albumkey=”xkrhKq” albumtype=”slider” imagesize=”OriginalURL” imagelink=”0″ ]

  • Site:
  • Price: Varies
  • Turnaround time: Per the web site “quick”
  • Price: Varies
  • No free images
  • My rating 5 of 10: [rating=5]
  • Notes: This company does not offer any free samples on their site. When I asked for a free sample and asked them to cut out “Autumn Girl” for this post. They sent back an extraction of the “cheerleader” instead. This is the pricing break down that the would charge for the 3 samples:

For ‘autumn-girl’ : This very image is the most complex of 3 due to background. You can see the HAIR & BACKGROUND colour are almost same. It quite difficult & time consuming to extract. Beside this we cannot guarantee 100 % Results due to this. But you can be confident if we can’t then anyone in the world can ensure 100% result. Based upon complexity for this image we would like to quote$19.99 USD.


For ‘cheerleader’ : The simplest of 3 and for this one charge will be $3.99 USD.


For ‘party-girl’ : The background is GREEN, whether we put it to Transparent or White background there is possibility of GREEN BLEEDING through the hair part. In order to restore the image quality we need employ a very cautious and expert hand for this. For this sophisticated one charge will be $6.99 USD.

[pydsmugmugslider albumid=”37282309″ albumkey=”B7NfDw” albumtype=”slider” imagesize=”OriginalURL” imagelink=”0″ ]

  • Site:
  • Price: Varies
  • Turnaround time:
  • No free clippings
  • My rating 3 of 10: [rating=3] (mainly because they didn’t really seem to be interested in doing extractions or giving free samples)
  • Notes: I visited the Colorati booth at Imaging USA 2014. On their web site they say “TRY IS FOR FREE”. When I tried to get the free sample they told me “Our ‘Try us for Free’ samples apply to our Standard Color correction service so customers can see how our Standard Color looks.”They did end up doing a test for me but send me a screen shot with black lines and the check box of photoshop behind it, so it’s not easy to do my normal test with it and see how it looks with different colored backgrounds.

[pydsmugmugslider albumid=”37282354″ albumkey=”RQQBpv” albumtype=”slider” imagesize=”OriginalURL” imagelink=”0″ ]

  • Site:
  • Price: (didn’t respond with price)
  • Turnaround time: 24 hours
  • Contact for free test
  • My rating 7 of 10: [rating=7] (didn’t respond with price)
  • Nice web site
  • Notes: has a large operation and reached out to me by phone after my free clipping job. Very friendly staff. They do offer a free test as well.

[pydsmugmugslider albumid=”37282395″ albumkey=”dC5Pcp” albumtype=”slider” imagesize=”OriginalURL” imagelink=”0″ ]